8 Business Process Automation Ideas in 2022

8 Business Process Automation Ideas in 2022

Business process automation has changed the way that people work and led to dramatic improvements in how business works—and in how much time and effort individuals spend doing it. Businesses that have already implemented automation have seen improvements in employee productivity, customer experience, cost savings, and operational efficiency. By 2022, even more businesses will be using some form of automation technology to improve the way they conduct business with both customers and other businesses. The following are eight trends that will shape what business process automation looks like in 2022.

What Does Business Automation Look Like?

The key to successful business automation is having employees and software work together seamlessly. In 2018, more than 50% of companies reported a lack of technology integration as their biggest challenge. This figure is expected to rise as artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent; AI systems will require even more data to be accessible for them to make decisions effectively. How you choose to manage your data plays a huge role in how automated your business processes are.

Top Business Automation Trends for Successful Business

Industry analysts expect that business process automation will grow to become one of most prominent trends for businesses. By 2022, companies will begin automating processes such as invoice management, supply chain management and warehouse management. This trend is forecasted to help companies save $1 trillion by 2023. Also, since today there are so many different ways to automate a process or even create an entire company, there’s certainly no shortage of ideas for what you can do now.

8 Business Process Automation Ideas

Streamline front and back-office operations

If you’re having trouble attracting and retaining top talent, think about automating your business processes. While automating tasks like time-tracking, expense reports, and payroll may not sound especially sexy, they go a long way toward streamlining (and simplifying) your front- and back-office operations. In fact, there are plenty of entrepreneurs who attribute their company’s growth to their investment in business process automation.

Attract and retain top talent with HR automation

Human resources departments worldwide are responsible for managing and supporting employees. But, too often, these teams are a source of frustration for other departments because of their slow response times and inconsistent work. While HR automation won’t eliminate these issues entirely, it can help make HR teams more efficient so they can focus on developing talent within their organizations. With HR automation, you’ll be able to: replace repetitive tasks with technology; keep important data organized without manual intervention.

Take advantage of next-gen marketing strategies

The marketing world is changing rapidly and it’s important to stay up-to-date on how technology can help grow your business. In 2022, Marketing Technology as a Service (MTAAS) will be a $60 billion dollar industry. In addition to MTAAS, there are several other ideas that can help modernize your marketing team and elevate your overall customer experience. Some of these include: Chatbots for Sales & Support, Artificial Intelligence for Customized Customer Experiences, and Innovative Advertising Strategies via Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality.

Never miss another sales opportunity

One of the easiest ways to streamline business operations and eliminate wasted time is to use a tool like FlowXO, which automates all kinds of business processes—from turning orders into shipments to replying to customers. In addition, using Salesforce’s built-in automation features can save your sales team hours per day. This is just one example of how businesses are using technology as a way to improve efficiency. As new innovations become available, you should keep an eye out for how they could help you speed up your day-to-day process and boost productivity. If there’s a better way to get something done, why not find it?

Provide stellar customer service with business automation tech

In 2022, companies using software to deliver great customer service will be a competitive advantage. Right now, many businesses still don’t give their customers a consistent digital experience across channels. In fact, 48% of consumers who want to talk to a business on social media expect them to respond within one hour—and if they don’t, 72% will take their business elsewhere. If you want your company to win over customers with great digital service experiences, it’s crucial that you implement technologies and programs that can handle any kind of demand from customers on all devices 24/7.

Boost banking business automation with workflows

There is no doubt that BPA and automation are going to be big deal in business. And, by 2022, I believe we will see a significant chunk of companies using automation as a way to meet goals and increase revenue. When it comes to automation, there are many ways you can go about it. But, automating your company should definitely be on your radar if you’re looking for some new ways to improve your business. The future a bright one and while it may take time for your own organization to fully incorporate it into day-to-day tasks, you should at least start thinking about how business process automation can help streamline processes within your company!

Craft a remarkable higher education experience

The idea of business process automation isn’t new, but it is gaining steam as digital transformation takes hold. The concept is simple: take repeatable and manual processes that employees perform regularly and put them on autopilot so they happen faster, more consistently, and cost-effectively. This may sound like an expensive undertaking—and to a certain extent it can be—but many companies today have gotten started with at least one inexpensive way to automate something. Even just putting one small step of your process on autopilot can make a big difference.

Business automation that works for every industry

From manufacturing to healthcare, accounting and retail, businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking for ways to streamline their processes and save time. As technology has improved, we’ve seen a rise in automation companies that help businesses grow by saving time and effort through software applications. Here are eight ideas on how you can use business process automation in your line of work:


I think it’s always difficult to predict what technology will be like in 5-10 years time. The only things that are certain is that it will change, and quickly! With everything moving at such a fast pace, even a couple of years can feel like a long time – let alone 10. That being said, here are my eight ideas for business process automation. I don’t necessarily think all these processes will exist by 2022 but I do believe something very similar will.

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