Brief Detail About Residential Facilities in Islamabad

Brief Detail About Residential Facilities in Islamabad

The residential facilities in Islamabad are extremely popular among the residents. But, due to increasing population and development of cities, the number of residential facilities is also growing. This means that there are more people who need to live in a residential facility than there are available places for them. The quality of the apartments varies from one to another depending on many factors including location, amenities, cost of utilities etc. 

 Some companies also rent out entire buildings to individuals or corporations for business purposes. With an increasing demand for affordable housing, the government has started providing affordable homes to the people. 

The types of residential facilities available in Islamabad their location, prices, features and services. The methods used by different agencies to purchase the apartments. The advantages of purchasing a property through an agent versus buying directly from the developer or developer’s office.

By investing in Mount Khalid, the residents can enjoy the peaceful, serene, and panoramic views of the skyline as well as the lush green landscape of Gulberg Green for a blissful lifestyle and very beautiful apartments.

What are the latest apartments in Gulberg Green?

Gulberg Green is a popular residential area in Islamabad. It is one of the most sought after residential areas in Islamabad and also one of the most expensive. The apartment prices are high. Modern apartments in Gulberg Green are quite popular. 

Apartments in Gulberg Green also have security system, water supply and electricity, as well as other facilities. There are many types of apartments available in Gulberg Green like studio, one and two bedrooms apartments, three bedrooms apartments etc. 

The most popular properties in Gulberg Green are flats in the Mount Khalid Tower. They usually have good amenities such as air conditioners etc. Gulberg Green is a residential area.  The Gulberg Green complex consists of high-end apartments with modern amenities including swimming pool, fitness center, children’s playgrounds and gymnasiums, living rooms that can accommodate up to six people each, air-conditioned lifts for easy access to each floor from ground level and elevators for moving between trees and flowers.

How to choose the apartments and which things we consider?

The following information provides guidance for choosing a residential project. It should provide a comfortable living environment that reflects your values and setting of family life as well.

1) Location

2) Amenities available at the place of purchase

3) Price range of homes(this is usually determined by government and other agencies like Pakistan Mortgage Bank Limited (PMBL), Pakistan Housing Development Authority (PHDA), etc.)

4) Quality of construction and design  

5) Type of roof used for house construction (concrete, steel or wood frame).

6) Size and type of building required for the house

The best residential project in Islamabad is a combination of modern and traditional design. It should combine the best of both worlds which means it should have everything from modern amenities to traditional ones. The modern and the traditional has taken different ways of life in Pakistan. The ancient architecture and the traditional culture of Pakistan has influenced people a lot. We have been using these two worlds for thousands of years and now we are combining them in one house which was designed for ultra modern amenities combined with old style features.

With all the collaborative efforts, Khalid & Khalid group successfully introduced an epitome of luxury living with an extensive array of amenities for maximum comfort. The project has become the most preferred destination for class seekers in Islamabad because of its natural beauty, enhanced by a blue water lagoon encompassing the residential complex on three sides.

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