Why Birmingham City University is Popular for Students?

Birmingham City University
Birmingham City University

Why Birmingham City University is Popular for International Students?


When you discuss and search about the study overseas so you get many options for many countries’ universities and you can easily depressed about choosing the best university in the best country. So you don’t worry here we will discuss about the best university and the best country that is best for education and better student life. 

However, maybe you know as very well that the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Britain, and UAE are popular countries for better and higher education so you can choose one country for your study abroad. While we see for the first position so we will suggest the UK country universities. And you should also choose the UK because here you get impressive facilities for education. 

Now when you discuss about UK universities so you get top five names like Birmingham City University, Keele University UK, Middlesex University London, BPP University, and the University of Oxford. These are famous and popular universities in the UK and when you talk about better services and ranking so we get Birmingham City University‘s name on the first position. 

So today we will discuss about Why Birmingham City Univeristy is Popular for International Students? And benefits of choosing Birmingham City Univeristy. For better information, you should read this information till the end, because this information is helpful for your higher study. 

Birmingham City Univeristy

Birmingham City University is the fastest-growing university that was founded in the year 1971 however this university is running since the year 1843. BCU univeristy is located in the Birmingham City centre and this university is the second-largest university in Birmingham. This university has a large history that offers the experience to all international students. 

BCU university has two main campuses of the university and the univeristy has invested more than 340 million GBP in its better facilities like in biomedical science laboratory, theatre, and many more facilities. And Birmingham city is one of the greenest cities in Europe. Where students can feel better and relax in botanical gardens and parks. 

BCU university has strong and famous links with local or international institutes so students can get experience and internships with these institutes. With it, the univeristy has a student employment agency that is help find better jobs and placement for all national and international students. While you can also earn money with the learning. 

University has a dedicated Career Support team that is helpful for students’ careers. And you can consult with a consultant for any issues and problems. When you prepare for an interview and write a CV so the support team will help and give guidance for it. And here you meet multi-cultural students and you can make new friends. 

Benefits of Birmingham City University

With BCU university you can get scholarships if you fit into university scholarship criteria 

With this university, you can get the benefits of pickup service at the Airport

And You can book a consultant for your career discussion 

Birmingham City University support team is helpful for learning the best 

With this university, you can get better opportunities for career-related

Popular Courses of BCU

  • Fashion Design
  • International Business
  • Manufacturing Engineering 
  • Biomedical Engineering 
  • Economics
  • Curriculum and Education Studies
  • Automotive Technology
  • Sales and Marketing


I hope this information is helpful for your bright career and now you can easily choose Birmingham City University in the UK for your higher education. And when you are now confused about the chosen university and country, so you should contact at Meridean Overseas Study Abroad UK. Because Meridean Overseas is one of the best and most popular consultancies for studying abroad. 

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