How to Prepare for the IELTS Reading Test?

How to Prepare for the IELTS Reading Test?
How to Prepare for the IELTS Reading Test?

IELTS Reading Test

The reading part of the IELTS test assesses your English reading skills. It consists of 3 texts and 40 questions which you must answer in 60 minutes. Do not worry; you won’t need specialized vocabulary, even if the text may seem scientific. The questions will not test your scientific knowledge! Here are some tips and tricks that will help you succeed on test day, let’s check how to prepare for the IELTS reading test for study in your favorite country.

Prepare for the IELTS Reading Test

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Before You Start Answering Questions

  • Remember that you will not be reading task as you normally would in your free time. You should try to extract relevant information from texts as quickly as possible.
  • Study the text – it’s just a fancy way of saying you should look at the text quickly, asking yourself a few questions, e.g. What’s the title?, Are there pictures for m help?, How long is it and does it go to the next page?.
  • Read the instructions very carefully – this is especially important for sentence completion tasks, with a set number of words you can use.
  • Scan the text to get an idea of ​​its general structure and identify what each paragraph or section refers to. There are many methods and techniques to do this (e.g. read the introduction + read the first two sentences of each paragraph + read the conclusion). You can find the best way with the help of overseas education consultants.
  • Read the question or set of questions. Use what you learned while browsing to go to the right part of the text and find the answers.
  • Go through the whole paragraph(s) to find the answer.
  • Always ensure that you read properly and understand the text in the test way.
  • Always write the answer on your sheet given for answer and write down the answer directly. You will not get any overtime for completing this test.

Answer the Questions

  • Make sure you know the different types of questions possible (e.g. multiple choices, True/False/Not given, matching, summary/sentence/table completion, etc.).
  • Practice answering all question types, especially V/F/NG, matching headings, and summary entry, as these are the most common types.
  • Make sure you understand the difference between FalseandNo i.e. the text objected to the statement in question and not given i.e. there is no situation to the affirmation.
  • Matching titles – use topic phrase(s). Remember that headings are like “super” thematic phrases.
  • Summary Completion – make sure you’ve used the correct number of words and that the sentence you’ve completed uses the correct grammar.
  • Synonyms/rephrasing – remember that the vocabulary used in the question is unlikely to be found in the text, so think about it and look for synonyms.
  • Timing – respect the suggested times for each text (20 minutes). Calculate – if you only spend 5 extra minutes on the first 2 texts, you will run out of time for the final text!
  • Don’t get bogged down – if you can’t find the answer to a question, skip it and move on.

Mark the Text/Save Your Answers

If you’re unsure of an answer, write it down (e.g. Q5: A?) so you can quickly come back to it if needed. Also, never put 2 answers on the answer sheet for a question and don’t leave blank spaces on the answer sheets, because then you could put the following answers in the wrong place! Write the answer lightly and put a question mark, then go back and check if you have time at the end.

Read many different types of articles and texts before the test. Don’t leave all your readings on test day! There is plenty of free material to help you prepare on the Take IELTS website.

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