How to Colour Hair at Home in 4 Different Shades of Henna


Grey hair coverage can become quite an issue, when it comes to doing it at home. The first thing that comes to mind is safe and damage-free hair colouring that can be done without any expert supervision. To achieve this you must opt for organic herbal henna powder as your natural alternative to generic hair dyes. Henna has been a natural hair colouring solution since ages. It is not just perfect for covering the greys, but it also conditions and hydrates the scalp and hair roots. So, it also assists in improving the texture and natural shine of hair.

But did you know about the 4 different shades of henna when mixed with other natural hair dyes? Yes, you read it right! The natural herbal henna powder derived from grinding the fresh henna leaves is red, but it can give your hair these four rich shades when mixed with Indigo leaf powder, Manjistha root powder and Chamomile flower powder:

  • Reddish Brown Shade
  • Light Brown Shade
  • Dark Brown Shade
  • Rich Black Shade

The 4 shades of herbal henna powder

Originally red, henna powder, when applied directly, colours hair between copper and dark auburn. Mix it with indigo leaf powder and you will get different shades of brown and jet black. Understand the colouring equation between henna and indigo like this:

  • Indigo Dye + Henna Powder (Both in Equal Amount)Medium Brown Shade
  • Indigo Dye (More) + Henna Powder (Less)Dark Brown Shade
  • Indigo Dye (Less) + Henna Powder (More)Reddish Brown Shade
  • Applying Henna Powder first and then Natural Indigo DyeRich Jet Black Shade

Adding chamomile would add golden hues to these shades, while manjistha root adds blood-red tones. The best part about these herbal hair colours is that you can do them all home only. We have further explained these processes for you here in this article for your ease.

Few things to consider for choosing the best henna and indigo

Before jumping to the step-by-step guide of colouring your hair with henna at home, it is crucial to pick the best organic herbal Henna powder for you. By mentioning “organic”, we want to emphasize that the herbal hair dye you choose for yourself must be free from all harmful chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide (Bleach), PPD and Ammonia, Parabens, Resorcinols, heavy metals like Lead and Barium, etc. which are generally present in generic hair dyes. All of these chemicals severely damage hair by opening up the cuticles and entering inside the hair shafts. Organic herbal henna powder and Indigo powder do not consist any of these harmful chemicals as they are purely planted materials sourced directly from select organic farms in India.

You can go for Bio-Organic Herbal Henna Powder and Bio-Organic Indigo Leaf Powder to colour your hair safely at home. Made by grinding fresh henna leaves grown organically in Rajasthan, this bio-organic herbal Henna powder is 100% chemical-free, triple-sifted and microfine powder that easily forms into a lump-free smooth paste.

Steps to use henna at home—a step-by-step guide

  1. First, decide which henna shade you want to achieve and use natural indigo dye accordingly.
  2. If you want brown shades, then mix henna powder and indigo powder at home in a mixing bowl with some lukewarm water to make a smooth, thick paste. You can also add some yogurt or curd for added conditioning.
  3. Now divide your hair into thin sections for proper application using hair clips, and apply the henna herbal hair dye paste evenly on your hair using a brush.
  4. Let it dry for 3-4 hours then rinse with water. Shampoo the next day with a Colour Protective Shampoo to darken up the colour.
  5. If you want jet black colour, apply organic herbal henna powder first, then apply organic indigo leaf powder paste. Both the powders must be kept for about an hour each then washed away with normal water. Make sure to make the pastes with hot water, and apply on your hair once they cool down to lukewarm. Do not use the leftovers.

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