Advantages of Hyperbaric Chamber for Wound Care Patients

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The medical field has evolved enough to cure many disorders that were almost impossible in old times. HBOT, known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, is the invention of science to cure deep wounds, diseases, and other medical issues. This type of treatment is used to treat carbon monoxide poisoning, wounds, and gangrene that won’t heal quickly because of the oxygen starvation in the tissues. 

How Does It Work?

For this therapy session, the patient enters into a special chamber to inhale pure oxygen in the air with a pressure of 1.3, which is three times more than standard. The motive is to fill the blood with needed oxygen to repair tissues and let the body function normally. 

This therapy is indeed expensive and should be done under the supervision of a renowned healthcare specialist. 

Carrie’s Healing Cafe has been serving the patients with the best healthcare services, so you can trust them and visit them in case of any emergency. 

The HBOT was first introduced in the U.S. in the 20th century, and the second time, it was tried again for the Navy divers who suffered from decompression sickness. 

This therapy has been widely used to treat scuba divers, firefighters, and miners who encounter carbon monoxide poisoning. 

The HBOT has been approved to cure dozen of diseases, too, such as:

  • Crush injuries
  • Cyanide poisoning
  • Acute or traumatic reduction of  blood flow in the arteries
  • Compromised skin grafts and flaps
  • Flesh-eating disease (necrotizing soft tissue infection) 

Generally, HBOT used two types of chambers,

Monoplace Chamber

This chamber has been designed for a single patient at a time. It’s a long cylindrical tube that looks like an MRI machine. The patient just slips into it and gradually pressurizes with 100% oxygen. 

Multiplace Chamber

It has been used to treat two or more patients at the same time, but the function is the same as the monoplace chamber. The patients have been advised to breathe oxygen with the help of hoods and masks. 

A technician also assists the patients in the chamber if they need any help. 

Benefits Of Hyperbaric Chamber 

After completing research on HBOT, scientists have firmly declared that HBOT sessions are effective in curing severe medical conditions. 

Treat Edema

Edema is a condition where the excess fluid is trapped in your body and causes swelling. You will also feel the effect on your other body parts when the situation worsens. 

Normally, it occurs when too much water fluid acquires in the tissues or cavities of the body. Edema can attack any part of your body, such as the brain (cerebral edema) or heart (pulmonary edema). 

As edema causes a restriction in circulation and pressurizes tissues, it eventually stunts wound recovery. 

HBOT sessions minimize edema by regulating the better circulation. The accumulated fluid moves through the body, filters, and eliminates after Hyperbaric therapy sessions. The movement of fluid results in the recovery of wounds by oxygenating the oxygen-deprived tissues. 

Hyperoxygenation of Tissues

After going through HBOT treatment, the tissues become hyper-oxygenated. The blood and tissues are filled with enough oxygen to recover wounds and deeper cuts rapidly. Hyperoxygenation of tissues undergoes reepithelialization, which increases the number of epithelial cells in the body responsible for curing wounds by forming a protective layer or barrier on the skin. 

Research proved that tissue hyperoxygenation through HBOT treatment doubled the rate of wound recovery by about 69%. This is a phenomenal benefit of HBOT, especially for patients diagnosed with diabetes. Because their wounds don’t repair or heal quickly. 

Amplifies the Antibacterial Activity

The antibacterial activities come into action when the blood and tissues are loaded with oxygen through the powerful HBOT treatment. A type of WBC (White Blood Cells) named Leukocytes become strengthened and gain momentum from oxygen. They become more active and kill harmful bacteria and free radicals while eliminating the dead cellular debris. 

According to the studies, the leukocytes work best at an oxygen level above 300 mmHg, which can only be achievable through HBOT sessions. 

Give Boost to Angiogenesis

Angiogenesis is a pivotal process of forming new blood vessels. Without angiogenesis, tissues cannot survive or undergo healing procedures. As oxygen level in the body directly affects the quality and ratio of angiogenesis, only treatments like HBOT can stimulate and boost the formation of new blood vessels. 

The vital component in the development of new blood vessels is optimal collagen which is supported and strengthened by HBOT. Collagen is considered the primary and essential component of the skin and holds almost 80% of the skin’s dry weight

A surprising fact about collagen is that it can’t be created without collagen, and new blood vessels can’t gain strength without it. 

So, all of this makes oxygen very necessary for the body and the entire healing process, and this much oxygen can only be obtained through HBOT.

Reviving Growth Factor

When HBOT accumulates the blood vessels with 100% pure oxygen, the growth factors in blood platelets become activated. The growth factor is a powerful protein that holds great importance in monitoring the growth and differentiation of the cells. They also stimulate and boost the healing components such as leukocytes and fibroblast. Since the HBOT activates and stimulates the growth factor activity, it, in return, looks after the conditions for wound healing and repairing. 

That’s why HBOT has become widely popular among athletes and sports people, as they don’t want to take bed rest for weeks and months to cure their injuries and broken bones. HBOT gives an excellent opportunity to athletes to speed up the healing process and return to the ground with the same passion, aggression, and energy. 

What Happens During the HBOT Session?

Many hospitals and healthcare providers serve the patients with HBOT sessions. Patients comfortably sit, lie down or relax in these chambers, and take deep breaths. The sessions last up to 45 to 300 minutes, depending on the nature and cause of treatment. 

Your ear may feel clogged because of the air pressure, and it feels like you are in an airplane or the mountains. 


Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is not for everyone, and it shouldn’t be used on people who suffer from ear surgery, injury, cold, fever, or lung disease. 

It should be done after the prescription of a certified healthcare professional. Give Carrie’s Healing Cafe a visit if you want to treat yourself with the best healthcare services under the supervision of professionals.


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