4 Challenges and Their Solutions in Leading a Remote Team 

Leading a remote team is usually more challenging than the workers that come to the office. But taking a somewhat different approach can help you resolve such issues more efficiently. Whether you are hiring a remote team or about to join a work-from-home opportunity, this blog answers many commonly asked questions.

Before getting the solutions to the problems, the first thing you need to do is to hire employees. Now, let’s dig into the issues most businesses face in working with a remote team:

Communication Gap

Communication between the on-site and off-site team members is of paramount importance. Lack of communication or a gap can affect productivity. It is hard to be on the same page on any given task when you cannot freely talk to the team members. Some tasks may need multiple teams from different departments working together. Emails are not the best means of communication in most of these cases.

The communication gap can cause the feeling of isolation among the remote team members. They may feel like missing out on team activities which can affect their morale and team spirit. Therefore, you should create an environment where conveying your messages is faster and frictionless. Whether you’re a first-time customer, switching over from another provider, or an existing customer upgrading your current plan or bundle, 866 Spectrum customer support has all the information you will need.

The easiest solution to these problems is to have an easy-to-access and fast communication channel. You can simply get internal communication applications like Slack or Microsoft Teams for this purpose. These apps allow messages, one-on-one and group meetings, calls, and much more. Not only will the friction reduce significantly but the use of such applications also promotes team spirit and higher morale. So, do get one of these applications and use them.

Tracking Progress

Unlike working in the same office, you cannot walk to a colleague to ask them about the progress status of a task. You may have to reach them on communication applications or through emails. Also, assigning tasks can be difficult through such means.

What’s better to use in most of these cases is to use task assigning and progress tracking software. Like, communication applications, there is a range of online software your company can use to assign tasks and monitor progress. Many companies develop their progress tracking software for this purpose. But generally, opting for the available options is hassle-free and easier to implement.

Events for Employee Participation

With a remote team, it is difficult to promote your organization’s culture and ensure no one is left out. The participation of employees and their identification as a part of your company can be paramount for long-term success.

You can ensure both these aspects using the same communication apps. It is better to encourage one-on-one communication among the team members. Another thing you can do is to have virtual events and training for this purpose. They are easy to conduct and can enhance interaction between team members.

Apart from using messaging and meeting apps, your company can also have activities like team dinners planned. You can ask the remote team to join those dinners and have fun together. In this way, your remote and on-site staff can socialize and get to know each other.

KPIs and Performance Reports

Making sure that your on-site and off-site teams are willing to put in their best efforts, you can set their daily KPIs. These KPIs should be achievable and similar to what you expect from the in-house team. Over-exertion or creating unachievable objectives do more harm than good. So, set realistic daily work requirements.

As for performance reports, you can timesheets in your organization. Employees fill these timesheets with the hours they put in for the completion of a particular task. These timesheets will give you clear insights into the time it takes to complete a particular task and plan accordingly for the future. Also, you can decide the employee of the month and other awards based on monthly performance. Therefore, it is better to make arrangements for recording these metrics.


There are several challenges a company has to face in managing and leading a remote team. Such challenges include delays in communication, progress updates, performance reports, and building team spirit. If your company covers these departments, you can easily hire remote employees and streamline the processes.

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