5 Hidden Android Features You Should Use

hidden android features

Did you know that your phone has a secret setting that automatically hides almost all the ads you come across? Or that without changing some specific settings on your phone, you might miss important notifications. Well, here are five underrated Android features you can use to improve your entire smartphone. And just to be clear, there are no third-party apps involved, every single feature is built right into Android. you just need to know where to look.

Default USB Configuration

You can find this by going to your phone’s developer settings and then going down to the network section. If developer options don’t appear on your phone by default, you’ll first need to go to the About phone menu, then find your phone’s build number and tap it seven times. This feature is also available in the p50 Huawei phone.

But then go back to the network section in our developer menu where you want to find this option called “USB Configuration”. By default, no data transfer is selected, which means that whenever you connect your phone to transfer files to your computer, you will have to manually change the USB configuration to file transfer each time you connect. And so if you instead change the default configuration to transfer files now.

Animation On Your Phone

We’re still in our developer menu and if we scroll down to the drawing section, you’ll see three specific settings that can affect the animation on your phone and therefore make it run even faster than it actually is. So we have the Window Animation Scale, the Transition Animation Scale, and the Animation Duration Scale, and each one controls the different animations you’ll see in your phone’s user interface.

They are set to 1x by default; however, if you change each of them to 0.5x you will feel like your phone is running twice as fast as before. Some people like to set them to 0x, which actually removes all animations from your phone. But it just makes things feel a little too weird.

Unique Advertising ID

The penultimate one is related to your phone’s advertising ID. For those who don’t know, your phone actually has a unique advertising ID that allows advertising companies to track your app activity and then show you ads related to that activity. And if you think the ads you see are too targeted, you can reset the ID or even delete it.

To do this, simply open your phone settings, go to the Google section and click on the ad. You will then see two main options. The first is to reset your phone’s advertising ID, which will wipe the data and start the process over again. Or you can remove the ID, which will simply mean that you will never receive interest-based ads.

Notification History

peaking of missed notifications, if you have a habit of accidentally dismissing notifications you didn’t want. Then there’s a hidden feature on your phone that can help. On most phones this is called “Notification History”, or if it’s not called that, you can find something similar in the notifications menu in your phone system settings. And once you turn it on, it will start collecting a complete log of every notification you receive. This means you can go back and quickly check it if you need to. Pretty handy stuff.

Flash On Call

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to keep your phone on silent. But want to make sure you don’t miss any important calls, most standard dialer apps have a setting called “Flash/Flashlight on Call”. Just open the Phone app, click on that little extra menu, then click on settings.

The settings can be found in different places on this page depending on the phone you’re using. Perhaps under “Incoming call settings” or “advanced settings”. But wherever it is, you can find a toggle that will make your phone’s flashlight blink.


Whenever a message or an incoming call appears. As I said, many phones have this feature built-in. But I know for a fact that Pixel phones currently don’t have those features. So if you’re using a Pixel, then your only option is to use a third-party app that will emulate this feature.

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