Why Is My Laptop Running Very Slow?

laptop running slow

In this article, we will consider the reasons why the laptop slows down. We will consider the reasons associated with both the hardware of laptops and the software, i.e. with the Windows operating system. But, you need to understand, that there are a lot of reasons why a laptop can slow down, and we won’t be able to consider all of them in detail in one publication by condition.

Why Does The Laptop Slow Down?

Here are some reasons why laptop slows down:

Hard Drive

One of the common causes of brakes and, in principle, the slow operation of computers is the use of an outdated type of hard disk HDD. Even if you have an old laptop with a weak processor or a small amount of RAM, when performing the simplest tasks in any version of Windows, Windows is serviceable and not overloaded with other background tasks, it should not slow down.

Brakes and generally slow operation of laptops with HDD is due to the critically low read and write speeds of data by disks of this type – up to 150 Mb/s for linear data processing and up to 1 Mb / s for random processing of small files. If you are still using an old HDD, change it to an SSD drive. You can also buy a new laptop, such as Huawei matebook d14 i5, which has a strong processor.

Viruses And Other Windows Problems

The software reasons why the laptop slows down are the main ones:

  • Infection with viruses and other malware
  • Cluttered drive C. It needs to be cleaned
  • Damage to the integrity of system files
  • Too many background programs
  • Overly resource-intensive antivirus

Dust accumulation

If your laptop has an air cooling system installed and it has been in operation for more than a year, you should think about the preventive cleaning of internal components from dust. The fact is that over time, the radiator grilles and elements of the cooling system become covered with a layer of dust. This, in turn, leads to overheating of the laptop, as well as to braking and freezing of the system.

Windows Problem

Well, another important reason why a laptop slows down is the use of the wrong editions of Windows on which your laptop might not slow down.

  • If you have an old weak laptop with an HDD, you do not need to install any Windows 10 on it at all. Install Windows 7 or 8.1.
  • If you have an SSD drive, you can use Windows 10, but on laptops with a weak processor, work with Home Edition or LTSC 2019 Enterprise Edition. And if you have up to 3 GB of RAM, install the 32-bit editions of these systems.
  • If your laptop is slow due to constant updates to Windows 10, you can work with the same LTSC 2019 release, this is stable Windows with 10 years of service.

Hardware Upgrade

Laptops with certain hardware components are designed for certain tasks. Most laptops, even modern ones, are devices for web surfing, office tasks, media playback, and running minimalistic games like Nevosoft. Therefore, if you run video rendering or powerful games on weak and average laptops, of course, such laptops will slow down.

In order not to slow down, it is not enough to change the HDD to an SSD, you need to add memory and install a more powerful processor. But not all laptops can be upgraded. For some, this is technically impossible, for some it is inexpedient in terms of money, it makes no sense to invest them, albeit in more powerful, but old-generation hardware. It’s easier to sell your laptop in the secondary market, deposit money, and buy a new one, more powerful, in the same market.

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