Custom Order Statuses for WooCommerce without plugins


Custom Order Statuses for WooCommerce module remarkably work on the relationship of orders as well as the idea of client care by allowing you to make Custom Order Statuses for Woocommerce and send custom messages when Order Status is changed to the made one (especially like default Woocommerce Order Statuses act)


Custom Order Statuses for WooCommerce features:


  • Boundless Custom Order Statuses
  • Custom Email Templates per Custom Order Status
  • Custom Email recipients (client, explicit recipient, various recipients)
  • Custom Email content
  • All Custom Order Statuses are open and editable from a single page
  • No visual and valuable difference between Woocommerce default Order Statuses!
  • Change Order Statuses with Bulk Change


How to make your most vital Custom Order Status?


Right when you have presented and started the module, follow these pushes toward making your most paramount Custom Order Status:


  • Investigate to WordPress->WooCommerce->Custom Order Statuses
  • Enter a name for your Custom Order Status
  • Enter a slug (if you want an unforeseen slug in contrast with made)
  • Press “Add New Custom Order Status”
  • It’s just as simple as that!


How to start the Email design for the made Custom Order Status?


Custom Order Statuses’ Email designs are crippled from sending, so to institute them you want to:


  • Investigate to WordPress->WooCommerce->Settings->Emails
  • Select the Email with the name of your Custom Order Status
  • Click on the “Enable/Disable” checkbox
  • Fill in a few different fields you want (optional)
  • Click on “Save Changes” and you are done!
  • P.S. You can copy the email design to your subject envelope and change it as you like!

Extension of WooCommerce Custom Order Status


A couple of shops require changed demand circumstances with as Awaiting shipment, Building. These circumstances with central to their exceptional business essentials. Fortunately, adding these goals is basic and requires just a dab of custom code.

I added the post status using the WordPress register_post_status() ability. Notice that the main thing in this capacity is the slug for the solicitation status, prefixed by “we-” for WooCommerce.


I then made a bunch, that contains the data that portrays the custom post status. The imprint will be shown, so I can change it to the particular name of the solicitation status.


The add_awaiting_shipment_to_order_statuses() ability will add this new custom post status into the overview of available solicitation circumstances with the WooCommerce Orders and Edit Orders pages. These circumstances with then open for use on these pages.


For each circle here goes through the overview of current solicitation circumstances to find the one I want. For this present circumstance, I will insert the Shipment Arrival ensuing to the Processing demand status. That is what the if() part is doing here – I say, “If the solicitation status is ‘taking care of’, add in ‘Shipment Arrival’ here, continue onward through demand circumstances with.”

Changing an Order Status

Some requesting conditions with utilized when a specific control board development is executed, while others should be utilized. For instance, moving things will change a request’s status to Shipped, nonetheless, a denied or Declined request status ought to be applied.


Right when a sales status has been changed, an email can be delivered to the client in this manner to edify them. You can pick which conditions with these messages under Settings › Order data.

Pushes toward getting rid of a Shipped request status in WooCommerce

  • To get rid of the custom requesting status, you just need to clear out this code off of your site. If you’re utilizing the Code Snippets module, deactivate the piece. By doing, what’s going on with your request will regularly be different to the “Approaching Payment” status.
  • Regardless, the orders, which will utilize your new status may not show up in the orders list. As once the code taken out then the request will stand under an un-saw post status. For that, you want to change the requesting status to a “Center Status” before you deactivate or discard this piece.
  • Despite this, the orders will, at any rate, be existing and you should examine orders straightforwardly utilizing the post id, regardless, the crucial distinction will be that these orders will not be found in the orders list until the above code is made. Information.
  • This gives an unquestionable idea that why a custom solicitation status in the WooCommerce module is a huge essential for any business and there is a substantial legitimization that an eCommerce framework will not at any point limit its clients to make a custom solicitation status.

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