How to Write Reflection Paper: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Write Reflection Paper
How to Write Reflection Paper

A reflection paper is a type of essay that requires you to write your opinion on a specific topic. You need to back up your viewpoint with evidence and personal experiences.

In this article, we have developed an effective guide: on how to write a reflection paper. We would break down this herculean task into simple and easy steps.

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The Basic about Reflection Paper

Before we start telling you how to write a reflection paper, it is necessary to discuss its basic details. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to write what is previously written in other books.

It asks you to share your viewpoint. All you have to do is express your thoughts about a certain topic that is understandable to the readers. Write in a way that would build interest in them.

Topics are endless. You can write about whether aliens exist or not. Did whatever Hitler do was justified? Your favourite Netflix show.

This type of paper should be personal and subjective with an academic tone. You can talk about how a certain article shaped your perspective regarding a specific thing.

How to Start the Reflection Essay?

Firstly, read the article. Understand the concepts and take the help of Google if required. Highlight the key ideas and points while reading the book, newspaper, and articles. You can also note the significant points in your journal as they can be handy while writing.

Once you have read, highlighted, and jotted down the key points, it is time to summarize all the collected information.

You can ask yourself questions that are helpful while writing. Here are a few examples of it.

  • What was the impact of this article on you?
  • Does it catch the reader’s attention? If yes then how?
  • Has this passage brought some change to your mindset?
  • Do you have any questions after reading it?
  • Is there any issue regarding the topic that wasn’t discussed in the piece?
  • Does this piece relate to any previous piece of writing?


How to Write All Parts of Reflection Paper?

An essay writer can write content using the following guidance.



Your introduction should make it clear what you intend to discuss. You have to state what you are reflecting upon. Make it clear whether it is a book, lecture, movie, or experience. Your work needs to be briefly summarized.


Be careful while expressing your thoughts. Don’t get overemotional during it as you have to write it in an academic style.



This is the place where you need to elaborate your thesis. You can do it using numerous paragraphs.


You can also write it in a three-paragraph style. The first paragraph can be used to introduce the incident and how it influenced you.


The second paragraph should be used to compare your experience with others.


Lastly, the third one is where you can explain what you learned from this event.


If you are writing about a book, magazine, or newspaper article adding their quotes and passages would give a reference to your readers.


This would make it easier for them to understand your feedback. Don’t resist yourself from expressing what you saw and how you felt.



Like every conclusion, you need to summarize everything that you discussed above. Also mention the results of the experience. Describe what lessons you would carry for a lifetime with you.


Conclude your writing piece solidly and strikingly and show that all your ideas are fully formed. Highlight the key points at the end of your writing.


Make sure you answer whatever you ask at the beginning of your paper. Combine all the paragraphs of the body and conclude it.


If you lack time, some reflection essay writing services can help you write a top-notch essay.


How Many Types Does It Have?

We talked about this paper, the basics, and how to write it. You must know their types to know which one works best for you. There are usually three types, and they all have a slight difference in tone.

Academic Reflective Paper

In this type, you need to review a movie, book, seminar, etc. A writing piece should teach the reader about it.

Professional Paper

It is written by those who are either an educator or a student in education or psychology.

Personal Type

It requires you to share your thoughts and feelings about a specific topic.

What Should Be Its Format?

This kind of essay is also known as a reflection essay. As this requires you to express your thoughts and to feel so, there is no such official format. So, don’t restrain yourself from opening up. However, your professor might assign you to carry it out in a certain format. You can follow that. For more info

The length at a college level is around 400 to 800 words.

Effective Writing Tips

We discussed the major steps of how to write a reflection paper. When it comes to writing papers, there are some points that you need to be careful about.


You can look at the examples to get a better idea. This would help you to approach your discussion document in a better way.


Think of writing about something unique and memorable as this would capture your readers’ attention.


Don’t write all at once; this way, you are more likely to write a dull paper. Write it in separate parts; this way, you would write with a fresh and creative mind. Read More


Some Useful Points

  • Keep It Short And Sweet: Usually, the length of the paper is about 250 to 750 words. So, try to write within the word count by adding only relevant information.
  • Make It Appear Clear: Choose a clear and broad topic so that you can have a robust discussion on it.
  • Keep Up With The Tone: Though your writing is personal, your tone of writing should be academic.


Final Words

A reflection essay is a type of paper that is very commonly written among all college students. It doesn’t matter which department you belong to; they would ask your opinion about a certain subject. We hope our effective guide: how to write a reflection paper was helpful to you. As per to the leading UK writing company named Essay Mills UK You can take care of these points next time you write a piece of content.

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