Ten Effective Steps to Write Top-Notch Essay

Ten Effective Steps to Write Top-Notch Essay

An essay is a piece of writing that describes, argues, explains, and narrates. It is an essential part of a school and college student. It has many benefits; one of them is improving writing skills.
There are several steps one needs to follow to perfect their piece of writing, and writing without following those rules would result in an improper article.

Steps of Writing an Essay

Let’s look into ten effective steps to write a top-notch essay that can help you to write a first-class dissertation.

  • Choose The Type Of Essay
    The first step is to choose what type of essay you will write and then define it.
  • Narrative: This type includes a pattern of story-telling. Even if you’re not talking about any story, the way you would write would still be similar to the tale.
  • Persuasive: In this type, the writer has to convince the reader about some viewpoint.
  • Expository: The writer explains to the reader how to perform a certain task. You can do step-by-step procedures such as how to make a cheesecake.
  • Descriptive: You can tell by its name that this type of dissertation needs to be detail-oriented.
  • Argumentative: You need to pick a controversial topic and defend a side. After that prove that side right by backing it up with evidence.
  • Pick a Great Topic

Once you have decided on the type of essay, the second step is choosing the topic.

If your professor has assigned you either a topic or a question, this step might not be for you. This step is for those who have the freedom to choose a topic for themselves.

Don’t pick that topic that comes first to your mind. Brainstorm your subject of the assignment.

Essay writing services experts do not suggest writing on a common or a narrow topic. Pick a broad topic and then narrow it down to your desire.

Once you have decided on the subject, you can also discuss it with your teacher to confirm it.

  • Research It Well

Once after brainstorming the topic, the next step is to research and go through the topic properly. Jot down the points you already know about the subject.

You can ask yourself questions related to the topic to dig deeper. Then try to find out their answers. Note down every idea, point, and quotation related to it to ensure you are not missing anything.

Don’t limit yourself to just textbooks. Expand your reach by collecting information from other sources like newspapers, the internet, and journals. The wider perspective you have, the greater you would be able to write.

  • Establish A Thesis Statement

Establishing a thesis statement in an essay is crucial. It is the main point of any piece of writing and it tells what the piece of writing is about.

Even if your dissertation doesn’t require a thesis, adding one would help your reader have a key idea.

Ensure that all points you include in your piece of writing revolve around the thesis statement.

  • Develop An Outline

Once you have enough ideas to transform it into a compilation of content, develop an outline.

Creating a rough or proper outline would help your brain draw a map of what you want your piece of writing to look like.

Never try to skip this step as this can help you save time. You would also have an idea of how to organize your content and not miss any logical points.

Assign each paragraph to one point out of your outline and then elaborate on it in a few or more lines.

  • Have a Plan

Don’t spend so much time researching that you have to write just in the nick of time. Plan it properly. We understand as students, you need to look after numerous tasks, and it can be overwhelming to manage everything at once.

Don’t procrastinate your this assignment. Start working on it soon after you’re assigned, as this will allow you to write a great dissertation.

  • How to Hook Your Reader with Your Introduction?

The way the introduction is written affects the interest of your reader. It is about 10 to 20% of the entire article. This part tells the article reviewer what to expect from it.

  • How to Hook Readers?

The first sentence is also often called a hook sentence. Dissertation writing in Canada advises writing a great hook sentence as this develops interest and curiosity within the reviewer.

  • Give a Background Of Your Topic

The introduction also helps to give an overview of the subject’s background and explains important terms used in the article.

  • Develop A Thesis Statement

Next, you need to develop a thesis statement for your dissertation. It is usually either one or two sentences long that provides the main idea of an article.

  • Map Your Structure

If your piece is too long, you can map its structure in the introduction. Describe what you would discuss in each part of the article.

  • How to Write the Main Body?

This is the second part and main body of the piece of writing. Here the thesis statement is elaborated. You can describe ideas, information, and facts that revolve around the main subject matter.

  • Length

The body’s length depends on an article’s type and requirements, and it averagely consists of 60 to 80% of the entire article. At a college or university level, the total word count of the body is about 6,000 and takes about 8 to 10 pages.

  • Structure Of Paragraph

The structure should be in paragraph form, where each paragraph discusses one sub-topic. The first sentence should introduce that sub-heading.

  • How to Write the Final Section?

The final part of the article is known as a conclusion, about 10 to 20% of the text. Take care of the following points to write a strong conclusion:

  • It shouldn’t add any new information.
  • Should return to the main notion.
  • Show your hypothesis matters.


  • Proofread

This is the last and one of the significant steps. Your composition isn’t complete without this step. Once you have written your dissertation, let it sit for a while. You also take time off and rest.

After that go back and sit in a quiet place to proofread. Scan any possible spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. Read it out as this would help you to find out any omitted words.

Final Words

Writing an essay can be troublesome, but these ten effective steps to write a top-notch essay can make this tiring task a smoother chore. Lots of effort goes into first-class writing articles that can assure you high marks. Implement these steps correctly to become a great writer.

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