How Do I Choose The Best Online Essay Writing Service?


Do you ever feel like you are buried underneath a 50ft pile of expectations of your school? I have felt that too – but I found something that completely changed the course of my studies. That thing has been truly a blessing since I found it and I’m ready to share it with the world. You must be aching to know what that thing is by now; so here’s a hint. It all started when I searched Top Essay Writing on my browser.

These keywords led me to a platform called Top Essay Writers and let’s just say my life has changed since. This platform is a study support service that caters to students who need that extra push. I am sure you’d be one of them too, so keep reading ahead till we get to the main part. I used to think that companies that provide supplementary essays and other earning materials are a scam, but that’s untrue. I tried this platform after making a few considerations and here is everything you should learn from my experience.

How To Choose The Best Essay Writing Service Online

Ask Around

This is the most important thing when it comes to hiring online services for students. Remember that you are stepping into completely new territories and all students should be careful. We all know there are all kinds of scammers over the internet, so go with suggestions from people you know. These people can be your school friends, siblings, cousins, and even acquaintances in your school. Ask around if anyone has tried essay support or study support online platform. If they have, you are in luck, because now more than half of your investigative work is done.

Customer Reviews

This is step 2, regardless of whether or not the people around you were able to suggest you a company. It’s better to read what the customers have to say about a company than to read exaggerated claims by the company itself. Hence do some digging on the internet, there are many websites out there that are solely made for reviews. Read the reviews (the good and bad ones) to form an overall image of the company. At this stage, you will just have to use your common sense to spot fake reviews as they’re highly common.

Scroll The Website

How a company designs its website can say a lot about them, even in this industry. So the next thing you should do is visit the website and notice every tiny detail there. Trust me, it can help you spot any red flags that you will otherwise miss out on while reviewing the website. Notice if their designs look tacky or professional and if the grammar, spelling, and wordplay are good. Moreover, look for signs of vague information and promises or claims that are too good to be true. If the company’s website is clean in all these aspects, great!

Talk To the Sales Rep

Let me address how bad it looks when you message the company and you get a reply from a bot. This aspect says a lot about how a company treats its customers – something which many people ignore. However, even if it bores you, you still need this step so that you don’t get scammed. So start talking to the sales rep on their website, and you can ask obvious questions too. Do not place your order right away, talk to the person and ask about everything from the price to other policies. For starters, you can address the money-back guarantees.

Review Their Team

First of all, your next biggest concern after money should be about who will be providing you assistance. Many companies simply hire writers or people who cannot find employment elsewhere to make profits. So look into the main page of the website to find information about their team of experts. If you don’t find it there, simply get information from the representatives – because you deserve to know. If they deny, stop right there, but if they do provide the information, search up the credentials. If you are able to find the socials of these ‘experts’ you’ve nothing to worry about.

Try a Free Service

If you don’t want to waste your money, don’t spend it in the first place! You are trying this service for the first time and you deserve a trial service to get to know how the company works. If you don’t find any free service on their website, take to the sales rep about it. If there are no free services at all, you can start by ordering something that costs you the least. This can be something like editing a page-long document or writing a page-long essay.

My Own Experience

These were the steps I took to hire a good study support service and I ended up at Top Essay Writers. Safe to say that I absolutely loved the experience due to many reasons – the cost, the work, and how I was treated. Their customer support was super polite and helpful and guided me through the whole process. They also let me choose my own expert and allowed me to contact them directly. Moreover, they offered me an additional discount upon request and delivered my order on time. Overall I’d give a 4.9 out of 5 to Top Essay Writers.

The Final Verdict

You are going to find many kinds of websites once you search Essay Writing Services UK. However, not everyone is lucky as I am and many students get scammed by the wrong companies. If you don’t want to fall in that category, start following the method above. This will not only save your money from getting wasted but also relieve much of your academic stress.

So the next time you find yourself lagging behind or buried under a huge pile of work, consider this review.  I hope every student out there is to make the best decisions for themselves after reading this. Good luck!

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