What is the Cost of HealthCare Development?

Everything has already gone digital, so the Healthcare industry is. Now, medical assistance and services are available at one screen touch. Patients need to download the app, and place their order from medicine to doctor consultancy; everything is available on the phone. 

There are two ways you can get the Healthcare application – an app built from scratch and a ready-made solution. The cost of both applications has a huge difference. 

Healthcare App Development from Scratch 

The cost of any app development from scratch depends on the number of days invested in building the whole app, from research to deployment. 

Here is the breakdown of the total time involved in the Healthcare App Development process:

Total Number of Working Hours Involved: 

  • Research and Analysis 

Research and Analysis is the most ignored step of App Development, as businesses consider it time-wasting. But it is a first and important step to learn about the market and competitors. Usually, a minimum of 40 hours of investment is required to understand what you are getting into. Work along with your App developer to learn more about the opportunities. 

  • UI Design and AppPrototyping 

Make sure the app developer you have hired for healthcare app development designs a prototype before starting developing the app. The UI design will help you to understand the interaction of the app with the user and the prototype will give you a glimpse of your final application. 

This will take a minimum of 120 hours. Don’t rush and wait for a while, this step will save you a lot of time in the further development process. 

  • Code Development

Long and sometimes boring step of healthcare app development. But the functionality of the whole relies on this step. It will be solely managed by the developers like RG Infotech. Let them take time and never rush the code development process, as it can directly affect the efficiency of your app. The time required is 240 hours. 

  • App Development

The most important step is app development. A long and tiring process for both Developers and Clients. Ensure that you as a client mention your all requirements and details before this step for seamless app development. App development is creating installable applications for mobile devices and implementing backend services, for instance, data access through an API. 

It is a 480 hours long process, which is because here we would your imagination into reality with working functionalities and features.

  • App Testing

Don’t rush into the deployment process. Keep a margin of 40 hours for healthcare app testing. Healthcare services are a sensitive matter, taking time to rectify all the possible bugs and errors, which can affect the app’s efficiency. 

The total hours of the app development process are 920 working hours. And if you hire healthcare app developers, the services provider will work 8 working hours per day. 

Cost of the Healthcare App Development

Usually, the charges for app development services in India are $25 to $40 per hour. 

  • Research and Analysis  – $100 to $1600 depends on the uniqueness of the product and the requirement of the client. 
  • UI Design and AppPrototyping – $3000 tool $4800 will be the cost of building UI and App Prototyping. It is an expensive affair due to the requirement of UI designers. 
  • Code Development – The Code Development will be a $6000 to $9600 expensive affair. Make sure, you are hiring the best coders in the market, to manage the app efficiency under high pressure. 
  • App Development – The cost for this particular step is $12000 to $19200. Avoid hiring different developers for different steps. 
  • App Testing – Don’t avoid this step just to save a few bucks. It will merely cost around $1000 to $1600. It is better to cover up this step in the same app development services provider. Never hire an individual for testing, they might end up making a fool out of you to make money. 

The total cost is between $23000 – $36800. It can go beyond this based on the type of advanced technology and tools your app developer will be using. 

Ready-made Healthcare Solutions like Practo

As the white label is a readymade solution it is a lot cheaper than the custom app. But, you don’t get that 100% freedom of customisation. 

However, the total cost of white label solution development relies between $6000 to $7000. Lower cost doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with the features. White-lable solutions always contain all essential features, but for more you have to customise it.

Why such a cost difference between White-label vs App Development from scratch?

Healthcare App Development is an expensive affair because of the type of technology, tools, expertise and time investment in the development process. Moreover, the businesses get the freedom of customising every element and functionality based on the requirement. 

However, when we talk about a White-label solution, it is a ready-made solution. It is like dummy software. All you need to do is invest money to tag that software with your brand name. There is no 100% freedom of customisation. Moreover, if you would like to add some additional features in the pre-build, it costs more as the developer needs to alter the whole code. The usage of fewer resources and time investment makes the white label solution an affordable way to get Healthcare solutions. 


Investment is the primary concern of any businessman. Before entering the app development process, ask about the estimated budget from the Healthcare developer. If your budget aligns with their budget, you are good to go. However, businesses or startups with low budgets prefer White label solutions in the beginning.

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