How Can I Create my Perfect Resume Online in Easy Steps?

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Many experts believe they know exactly what should go in a resume. Even though everyone has the right to their own opinion and different experts may have different ideas about how to make my perfect resume, my perfect resume will only be perfect following a few essential steps.

In this article, we’ll quickly go over the most important parts of a resume that will help you meet the resume-making industry standards. We will discuss how to look for content, what skills to put on a resume, how to format a resume, and the use of resume-making tools like a resume builder. So buckle up, because this ride will be short but fast.

Check out the job ads.

Before you even apply for a job, you need to find one that is worth applying for. Look at job ads online, in newspapers, and in wanted ads to find jobs that interest you and that you could see yourself doing. That being said now look into keyword research.

Look into keywords

Choose a job you’re interested in and read the job description. You’ll find the words you’re looking for here.

Keywords are the words that the HR Manager expects to see on your resume and that make your resume eligible for passing on to the interview stages. In short, keywords are the specific jobs and skills that a resume needs to have to be considered seriously.

If you have content on your resume that has to do with these keywords, make sure to add it.

Consider Using Tools like a Resume Builder

Resumes should always be targeted toward a certain position and since it’s a good idea to play the field an individual needs to make multiple resumes at a time. This can be quite a grueling task, especially if you have to start from scratch for every resume.

This is when tools like a resume builder become a lifesaver. Not only does a resume builder helps users create accurately formatted and targeted resumes quickly, but it also helps them with the content making the resume-making process a piece of cake. 

The ATS format and template for a resume

It’s a good idea to choose resume formats and templates that look like professional resume examples. Still, “keep it simple” is a good rule of thumb when choosing your format and template. You can choose a dynamic resume template, but don’t use one that is too complicated because ATS might not accept it. In the same way, use traditional formatting, label your headings correctly, and use a popular font that is simple. This helps ATS understand your resume better.

Highlight your relevant past job experience

You may have a lot of work experience, but only the work experience that is relevant to the job you want to get should be on your resume. Using keyword research, make sure that your work history is closely related to the job description. Also, put only the most relevant job experience at the top of your list of work history.

Also, don’t just say “Well-kept” or “Experienced.” Even though there’s nothing wrong with that, you’ll make a better impression if you use action words like “Developed” or “Orchestrated i.e action words.”

Choose essential skills for a resume.

In the same way that your work history is important, you should have skills that match the skills criteria using the keyword research method. Now, it’s a simple matter of writing down the skills that are relevant in your skills section. Remember, the skills that are mentioned in the job listing carry the most weight and should be prioritized.

You can also use the skills you want to put on your resume and give examples of how you used those skills to do something amazing.

List what you’ve learned.

If you’ve been working for at least two years, the education section of your resume should only say;

[Degree] in [Field of Education] from [Name of University] in [Year of Graduation].

But if you’re new to the professional world, put more emphasis on your GPA, relevant coursework, and any extracurricular activities or skills you may have picked up along the way.

Attach a Cover Letter

My perfect resume will always consist of an attached Cover Letter. Cover letters give candidates a chance to talk to the Hiring Manager in person and highlight their most important accomplishments, awards, and honors. It’s also a great chance to show off your skills and personality and explain why you’d be perfect for the job and how you can help the company.


My perfect resume would not be complete without proofreading.

The only thing left to do is to check for mistakes. Check to see if your resume reads well, that is if it makes sense. Use the spelling and grammar checker that comes with most writing programs to fix any mistakes you may have made.

Lastly, before you send in your resume, ask a friend or family member to look at it without bias and give you feedback. Also, think about what they say and make changes based on what you think is best.

And there you have it: the easiest and quickest way to make a resume that looks just as good as the best examples of professional resumes.

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