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All investors are looking at the overseas block. A residential project is also being built in the area around Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Also, the developers want to give all investors and visitors the best way of life at a price they can afford. And the most important thing about this residential society is that it has been approved by the Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) in Rawalpindi. The site is also in a place that makes it easy to get to. The overseas block, which gives investors from other countries all the facilities they need, is another essential feature.

Prime Valley

The futuristic housing community built next to Twin Cities is called “Prime Valley.” Also, investors will benefit from the housing plan because it will make their assets more valuable. Also, important places like the Islamabad International Airport, Blue World City Islamabad, and the M2 Motorway are nearby. And the price range of this beautiful real estate project is also one of the most interesting things about it that draws most investors. Most importantly, the location is also appealing because it is easy to get to. The prime valley overseas block is also a nice thing. So, investing in this housing plan will be valuable and last a long time.

The status of the Prime Valley Overseas Block NOC

The NOC status for the Prime Valley will be given to it soon. But the Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) in Rawalpindi has given the housing society the green light. The housing society is also interesting because it is part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, just like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Also, the housing scheme is here to help most investors get a higher standard of living at a price they can afford. So, the people who will move here in the future are sure that their money is well spent and that they can easily make an asset that is worth a lot. Last but not least, the prime valley overseas block will also make this great real estate project a better place to invest.

Block Prime Valley Overseas

Overseas investors are drawn to the prime valley overseas block because it is the most modern part of the area. Also, Pakistanis who live abroad are good for their country. So, to give them the best places to live and things to do in a single society. Also, the overseas block has a number of residential and commercial properties that will make it easier for investors to buy. Lastly, and most importantly, the amenities here will help all the foreign residents live up to international standards and high-end living standards. So, investing in this overseas block is the best way to put your money to work. Lastly, here are the properties that are for sale:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla 
  • 1 Kanal

What You Need to Do to Book a Plot

Keeping everything official from the start will help to keep things from going wrong in the end. Also, you need certain papers to get the buying process started. Also, all the investors think that the prime valley overseas block is the most attractive part of this housing project. Lastly, here are the important documents for the booking process:

  • Two photos the size of a passport
  • NICOP is required for investors from outside the U.S.
  • Two CNIC copies
  • CNIC Copies, Next of Kin

Before putting money into the Prime Valley Overseas Block, you must also have this information. Also, you need relevant and expert advice to avoid problems in the future. But the payment schedule is the most important thing that all investors should think about before putting money into this residential scheme. And the right instructions are important for a smooth payment process, which makes the buying process work better. Most importantly, giving investors a payment plan is also a good thing. Lastly, investing here will be a good idea because the prices of the properties will go up as the development work goes on.


The most interesting thing about this project to build new homes is the prime valley overseas block. Also, the housing society is in the twin cities nearby. And it is close to important places like the Blue World City Sports Valley and the Islamabad International Airport. Also, the property prices are reasonable, which makes it easier for investors to buy. In addition to this, the payment plan is a dream come true for all investors.

Most importantly, it’s the government project that gives this housing plan more credibility. And the builders are willing to give investors the best lifestyle with all amenities at a price they can afford. Also visit the website of Estate Land Marketing to learn more about the investment opportunity in the prime valley overseas block.

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