Shall parents be involved in the educational process?

Shall parents be involved in the educational process?
Shall parents be involved in the educational process?

The involvement of parents in the educational process of their child is always a part of the debate. Some people appreciate the involvement of people in the educational process. In contrast, there is also a school of thought that thinks there is no need for the parents to be involved in their child’s educational process as it is a matter between the teacher and students. For them, the involvement of the parents is disturbing and bothering the teacher, and students could not learn best in this situation.

Why should parents involve in the educational process?

But talking about the grounds of reality, parents are the ones who are more concerned about their children, their future and education than anyone. Even to a certain age level, they are more involved and worried about their education than the children themselves. So how can we stop parents from involving in the process of education? But again, there should be some restrictions and some boundaries. Parents should be allowed to have a certain level of involvement in the educational matter of the students. Beyond that level, they should be stopped.

Restricted and positive involvement:

Too much involvement from the parents will make students dependent on them, and they will not try to learn as they know their parents are there to handle their issues and problems. And they will never learn it. Even parents usually show their involvement in the beginning or classes of their child. Slowly and gradually, when students become older, they start taking care of their studies, and the involvement and worries of the parent are automatically minimised.

For instance, when students reach a higher level of studies, they start taking decisions by themselves, for example, where to find academic help like take my online class, when they cannot manage to take a class, which course they should choose and other different decisions during the educational process. So, parents should be allowed to involve in the process of education. Below will see the reasons and benefits of parental involvement in the children’s education process.

Improved academic performance:

When parents are involved in the academic matters and process of the child, their academic performance improves. Parents always have high expectations from their children, and they keep reminding them about those expectations. When parents take an interest in their children’s education, they know that they are answerable to their parents for every below-average academic performance. So the fear of parents or the wish to fulfil their expectations motivates students to study harder and perform their best in the classroom. And most of the time, their hard work pays off in the form of good marks and grades.

Better behaviour:

Studies have proved that the involvement of parents, especially fathers, in the process of education brings positive effects on the attitude and behaviour of the child in the classroom. Students whose parents take an interest in their classroom and performance have more improved behaviour than the students whose parents did not show any type of involvement. Those students are more likely to behave in the right manner in the classroom. They did not cause disturbance in the class, their homework was complete, and they were regular students. They rarely miss school. Even they enjoy and take an interest in their studies more than the students whose parents do not show involvement.

Build confidence:

The involvement of the parents makes students confident and motivated. When the parents of the students are involved in the process of education, students take more interest in every activity. Even they take part in co-curricular activities with great zeal and zest. Also, when parents support and show positive involvement in their children’s reading, homework, projects and other different tasks, then the children start taking more interest in it, and their skills and abilities are improved. This gave a boost to their confidence, and they did not hesitate to perform or present their work in front of the whole class.

Positively impact the progressing students:

The one who gets maximum benefits from parental involvement in the school is the progressing students. Progressing students are the ones who need the attention of both parents and teachers. If the attention of any one of them is lacking, they are left behind. But when parents are involved with their child in the class, teachers get their support. And the support of both parents and teachers bring positive effects on them. Their academic performance is improved. Even the task or extra practice the teacher assigned to them is also completed because parents look after their homework and diary at home.

Improve the morale of the teacher:

Teachers work hard to teach students. They put all their efforts into benefiting their students. They try to make students understand all the concepts and chapters through different activities and techniques. When the parents take an interest in their child’s studies, it only gives the teacher confidence and keeps the teacher’s morale high. As parents look at their efforts, they keep appreciating teacher and their efforts from time to time. Along with that, they know that they have the support of the students, so when they assign any task to the students, they will get their desired results. Another important thing is the involvement of parents. Keep reminding the teacher that they are answerable to the parents. It keeps the teachers motivated.

Parents get benefits too:

It is not only students who get benefits from the participation of the parents. Even parents themselves get the advantage of their involvement with their children. It gives them confidence and improves their parenting skills. Also, as most parents are digital immigrants, they get a chance to learn all new things with their children.


These benefits can only be achieved when the parents have constructive and positive involvement. When the parents are only involved in the process of education for complaints, the progress of students goes downwards. So, the attitude of the parents also matters a lot.

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