8 Reasons Why Python is a Popular Language?

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The demand for python language is increasing day by day. A 2017 study done by stack overflow said that python would overtake all other programming languages by 2020, becoming the fastest-growing computer language in the world.

Every year more students are doing python courses for their long-term growth. Due to many advantages, there is strong demand for this language in the market. But during their course, students also have to make an assignment, which is why more and more students are asking for programming assignment help in canada. Today we will discuss some reasons which explain the popularity of the python programming language.

Why is Python language so popular?

There are many reasons which prove this statement. But we will discuss some important ones.

Learn to use:

Its syntax is similar to English, making it easy to learn, especially for new coders. It is one of the most-friendly languages due to its simple syntax. The codes in python programming run faster than any other coding language. Any developer can change its base code easily after doing the experiment. Get Python assignment help to know more about it.

Python Community is very supportive:

This language was made in 1919, which is enough time for any programming community to become mature. There are various types of documentation, video tutorials and guides for this language that developers of any age can learn. Also, this language is use for in-depth research and complex projects.

Python community can also help you to develop skills in data science. If any programming language does not get support from their developers, then that particular language never grows. But that is not the case with the python language. Python has huge community of developers and learners. Seek programming assignments help to know more about it.

Support from large corporate houses:

Powerful corporations back language according to their use. This also helps in their survival. For example, PHP language is supported or backed by social media site Meta, Oracle & Sun support Java, Microsoft and Python support C programming is heavily supported by Amazon, Facebook & Google.

Google approved the python language in the year of 2006 and used this language for a variety of applications. A large chunk of money is devote to python for the training of Google. They also developed a special portal for the python language. For more information, seek python assignment help.

Python Libraries & frameworks:

Due to support from the major corporates, it has a large base of libraries which can help in the development cycle. It also offers cloud services that support tools like a library, which are very beneficial. Frameworks & libraries of python language are:

  • Matplotib – It is used for making charts & graphs.
  • Scipy is used for many applications like engineering, sciences &mathematics.
  • NumPy is use for scientific computing.
  • Django for web development. Seek Python assignment help if you want to know more about it.

Efficiency & Speed:

You can ask any developer who has experience in a different language. They will always say that python is efficient & faster than most modern languages. This language is use in any environment. One never faces any performance while working with this language. Some of the environments for which python is used are mobile & desktop applications, web development and many more. Due to its durability, it has a huge number of applications.

Machine learning & cloud computing:

Big data, data science & cloud computing are the hottest trends in today’s world that help organisations transform and improve workflows and processes. After R language and analytics, python is 2nd most popular programming language. This language, in most cases, works in research, development and data processing workloads in any organisation. Seek programming assignments help to know more about it.

Use of python language in Academics Curriculum:

Nowadays, Python programming is considered the main programming language in universities & schools. Because this is use in Artificial intelligence and machine learning which are future technologies of the world, the future will depend upon artificial intelligence and machine learning. That is why it is use in the academic curriculum now.


Python is also use in many automation tasks as many tools and modules are available. In the field of software testing through automation, this language is use comprehensively. Also, the biggest advantage of this work is that it needs very few lines of code to do the automation work.

Not let us discuss its advantages from a software development perspective:

  1. Python programming is easy to use and develop:

These languages focus on code readability. With this, it is easy to learn & readable, and well-structured. The big advantage of this language is that you have to write codes in a few lines to perform certain tasks. Thus, you can easily build the prototype and test out different ideas. Thus, we can say that python helps you to build efficiently and effectively.

  1. Productivity:

Python has many features and capabilities that enhance the productivity of applications. If we compare it with java, then python is more productive than java because it is more concise. Seek Python assignment help to know more about it.

Due to all these reasons, the popularity of python is huge. For many other reasons, from software testing to data analysis, python is use. Once you learn it, you can do many experiments with it. Learning python can provide many benefits to you. For such information, you can always seek help from Online Assignment Expert, the best Programming assignment help in canada. They have great experience in providing help to such students. Some of their services are:

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