Five Tips for Easily Predicting Ovulation

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Women who are planning to get pregnant or those who want to avoid conceiving should know about their ovulation days. The ovulation cycle of a woman is a time when her body releases an egg from the ovaries into the fallopian tubes where it meets the male sperm. Here you must know that having sex during the ovulation cycle can increase the chances of pregnancy, subsequently avoiding sex in those days can help you refrain from pregnancy. Today you have access to a fertility window calculator that can help you get an idea of your fertility window. You can find multiple ovulation calculator tools on the web today!

In the past, there was no such way to track ovulation but today you have online tools and tons of tried & tested tips for ovulation prediction. Here in this post, we have thrown light on five exclusive tips that can help you find about your fertility window. We have also explained how you can use ovulation tracker online tools.

Tips that would help you know your ovulation days

Out of many, we have discussed the Most Important Tips Here for your Knowledge:

Track your Period Cycle:

To know your ovulation days you need to know your period cycle. If you want to know when your period starts, ends when your ovulation cycle begins and ends then you need to make sure that you track your cycle. Tracking your period would also help you know how regular you are. You can take help from a fertility window calculator or you can also use period and ovulation tracker tools. Women who don’t have a regular cycle might face trouble with accurate ovulation time.

Check Basal Body Temperature:

When the female body ovulates, there is always an increase in the basal body temperature. The BBT would up to one degree when the body releases an egg and is in the ovulation phase. You can use a fertility calculator to find the days when your body would be fertile. You can monitor your temperature during these days. This is a very clear fertility calendar tip!

Do Ovulation Tests at Home

Ovulation prediction tests are just like home pregnancy strip tests. You have to test your urine using a strip to find out the increase in body hormones. When the body ovulates it releases progesterone which can be determined by the strip. If the strip shows two clear lines then it means that you are ovulating. This is another important ovulation predictor tip!

Check for Vaginal Discharge:

It is very important that you check and access your vaginal discharge on the days when the advanced ovulation calendar tells you that you are fertile. You need to check your vagina for discharge. If the discharge is light in color, stretchy and slippery then it means that your body is fertile. If it’s thick then you are not fertile yet. You can use an menstrual cycle calculator to confirm the fertility window.

Be aware of headaches, abdominal discomfort, and nausea

When you are ovulating you would face some discomfort in your stomach. Moreover you would have headaches and feel sick. If you note any of these symptoms during the time the fertility window calculator tell you then it means that you are about to ovulate or ovulating. This is why experts recommend that you should be aware of these kinds of changes in your body and mood.

Today you can use the online fertility calculator, Due date calculator ovulation calendar tools to find out not only your fertility window, but also your next period cycle or your pregnancy due date. There are many benefits of tracking ovulation!

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