Where to buy a refurbished iPhone in Australia?

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A refurbished iPhone is a viable and practical alternative to a new iPhone. You get all the perks and privileges of an iPhone, and that too at an affordable price. That is why more and more people are switching toward refurbished iPhones as opposed to brand new ones. Here we tell you where you can buy a refurbished iPhone in Australia.

 What is a refurbished phone?

Before sharing the best place to buy refurbished iPhones in Australia, let us understand the meaning of refurbishment and refurbished phones in general.

A refurbished phone is a used phone returned to the seller or the original maker. The return is usually a manufacturing defect or a ‘change of mind’ on the buyer’s part—either way, the return takes place during the warranty period as per the terms of sale. After refurbishment, the phone is resold at a lower price, usually with a warranty.

How does Apple refurbish the iPhones?

As we all know, Apple is a leading consumer electronics brand at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and research. It has an elaborate and comprehensive refurbishment process and a dedicated department for this purpose. During the refurbishment, Apple replaces the battery, panel, frame, and screen.

Updating the system, erasing the old data, and inspecting the phone for any errors are also part of the process. If any component needs replacement, Apple does it; if repair is needed, Apple does the needful to give the phone a complete revamp.

The phone returns to the selling rack after getting a new warranty and is given a new price lower than the original price. Apple refurbished iPhones are always in demand due to their reliable quality. They enjoy the confidence and support of their patrons tremendously.

Is it worth it to get a refurbished iPhone?

Yes, it is worth it to get a refurbished iPhone. But, you need to be careful and buy it from a dependable source that enjoys a clean reputation in the market. The original manufacturer’s refurbishment is always the best. There are excellent and dependable sellers in the aftermarket, like our next company, which we will introduce below.

Where to buy a refurbished iPhone in Australia?

If you want to explore the aftermarket to buy a refurbished iPhone, then we would like to refer to Wise Market Australia for this purpose. There are several reasons for choosing Wise Market as your choice seller, and we list some of the significant ones below.

Better price:

Wise Market’s refurbished iPhones are available at the minimum best possible price. You get the best value against your money.

Price beat guarantee:

Wise Market sells its products at unbeatable prices. But, if a competitor is offering a lower price, then Wise Market will offer the same with a reduction of $20 to the buyer reporting the lower price. It is called price beat guarantee, and this policy is applicable if the competitor is offering the following;

  • A 13 months warranty
  • Mint condition
  • Includes shipping and handling charges
  • Same-day shipping

This offer is unavailable to listing on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and other auction sites.

Comprehensive range:

There is a wide variety of iPhone models, and you will get all the popular ones at Wise Market. The company ensures that the best-selling models are always in stock and there is a shortage, especially during peak selling seasons.

Peace of mind:

When buying a refurbished iPhone, quality and performance are two major concerns. But Wise Market offers all its refurbished iPhones with a 13 months warranty and 21-day money-back guarantee. The customer cans shop with complete peace of mind.

Quality assurance:

A team of experts, phone mechanics, and technicians check each iPhone during refurbishment for any possible error or defect. Nothing is left to assumption, and the minutest problems are taken care of.

Sophisticated checking mechanism:

Wise Market utilizes the path-breaking 72-point check to detect even the slightest errors. It includes checking for camera quality, software malfunction, charging system, WiFi settings, and memory card issues.

Free of cost shipments:

Wise Market won’t charge you a cent in lieu of delivery charges. You will get free shipment no matter where you live in Australia.

Strong supply chain:

Wise Market sources 90% of its stock from Australia through its partners. It has a dependable system of vendors and suppliers that never fail it.

After-sale service:

Companies provide after-sale services to retain customers and assist them in problem-solving. It shows commitment on the company’s part and helps forge a long-term relationship with the customer. Wise Market attends to its customers’ distress calls and resolves their issues at the earliest.

Agile battery:

Apple changes batteries in its iPhones during refurbishment. Wise Market ensures that its refurbished iPhones operate at no less than 80% of the battery’s optimal capacity. It is a great incentive to the buyer because the battery is central to the smooth functioning of any phone.

 Blancco testing software:

Wise Market employs Blancco testing and diagnostic facility to inspect the phone and arrive at its actual value. It leaves little chance for any error and maintains the phone’s condition.

Customer-friendly rating criteria:

Wise Market has easy-to-understand rating criteria for its line of refurbished iPhones. They are categorized into “Brand new”, “New”, “Excellent”, Good and “Fair.” The company also assigns prices according to these criteria.


That wraps up our topic on the best place to buy refurbished iPhone Australia. We hope you will find it to be informational and helpful. Now you know where to find a refurbished iPhone in Australia.

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