How To Improve Concentration & Focus Of Primary School Children?

Primary School

Concentration is thought to be the main ingredient in many of the things children do like studying new subjects, remembering the information they learn, and more. But, focusing on the most important issues isn’t easy to accomplish not just for children, but as well as for adults. Primary teacher training institute¬† can be of great help to make a future¬† in early education¬† and to facilitate the learning of young minds.

The ability to focus for children in the early years with the help of Preschool teacher training in their first year of school is vital. Children are prone to get distracted easily and are unable to concentrate both in class as well as at home. Children are active, however, sometimes their enthusiasm can cause them to become distracted.

The good news is that concentration for children can be improved through the development of skills for concentration and self-control. If your child has difficulty concentrating and focusing the attention of others, it’s not a sign of a problem. It’s simply that they don’t master certain fundamental abilities.

How to improve concentration in children

  • Games that help improve focus

Games are considered to be among the best ways to boost concentration levels for children.

Instead of putting them in electronic devices and gadgets Instead, encourage them to play with normal toys. Several studies show that gadgets and mobile phones can negatively affect concentration. Switch these devices to games that force kids to think and concentrate. Here are a few examples of games that can help build children’s concentration:

  1. Sequencing
  2. Notice the difference.
  3. Tongue Twisters
  4. What’s missing?
  • Create a safe and distraction-free environment

Different environments may not be identical for children. Some kids are better in a peaceful and relaxing environment, whereas others might not be appropriate. You must determine what is suitable for your child and where they feel they can concentrate. This is the initial step to boosting the concentration of your child.

It is possible to set the mood for your children with gentle instrumental music to soothe their anxieties. In the area where they work, try to remove any musical instruments and mobile phones, TVs, computers, etc.

The materials they require while studying, such as pencils, pens, notebooks, textbooks, and so on. must be kept at the appropriate distance. If they move from their seats at intervals they could be distracted.

  • Foods that are healthy and green

Consuming healthy and green food can be directly related to the improvement of concentration. There are a variety of food products that can fill the gap in nutrition for children.

In general, children do not like healthy food. They are more inclined to fast food, chocolate wafers, and other unhealthy food items. However, these types of food items aren’t high in nutrients that increase concentration and memory. Almonds and pulses, as well as other foods that contain protein, are beneficial for brain health and should be included in their diets frequently.

Additionally, the intake of caffeine for children should be decrease or eliminate as it can cause unhealthy levels of food, and decreases the energy levels of children. The fruits and vegetables act as antioxidants, and aid in increasing memory strength.

  • Sleep and sound

Children should get a minimum of eight hours of regular sleeping each night. A lot of kids today sleep later due to televisions and gadgets. This is not beneficial for their minds or overall health. As parents, you need to make sure that your children have a regular bedtime and get enough rest.

Also, let them rest for an hour in the afternoon after they have returned from school. It will help them relax and is a great way to boost concentration.

  • Break down big projects into smaller tasks

Another tip for improving children’s concentration is to encourage them to break down large tasks into smaller tasks. For example when they’re studying the entire book in one sitting it might be difficult for them to focus. If you break it into smaller chunks you will find them more motivated and be able to concentrate.


These are the most effective ways to increase the concentration levels of children in primary schools. It is the responsibility of parents to reduce their workload, provide an environment free of distractions and make sure that their food is nutritious and make sure they get enough sleep.

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