How Can Digital X-Rays Enhance Your Orthodontic Treatment?

How Can Digital X-Rays Enhance Your Orthodontic Treatment

This blog discusses the benefits of digital x-rays for best orthodontic treatment.

While it’s true that digital x-rays have excellent picture quality, which is a significant benefit, that’s not the only reason orthodontics uses digital x-rays for patients. There are several benefits to digital x-rays, all intended to improve your experience!

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Expanding the use of digital X-ray

X-rays were soon adopted for use in medicine, and since their discovery in 1895, medical x-ray technology has advanced steadily. The first analog x-ray processes create images on photographic paper that become black directly proportional to the amount of x-ray radiation exposure. The transition to digital x-ray technology is now being made gradually in the medical and dental fields.

Benefits of Digital X rays 

  1. High-quality images are produced via digital x-rays
    Digital x-ray images feature excellent contrast, clarity, and detail. This helps your orthodontist undertake a thorough examination, identify any orthodontic issues, and examine the bone structures, teeth, and gum tissue.
    Orthodontists can use digital x-ray pictures to zoom in on details, zoom out, or rotate the imaging necessary to develop a precise treatment strategy. Contrarily, conventional x-rays are processed on film, prohibiting using these image-enhancement techniques.
  2. Digital x-rays minimize radiation exposure
    When compared to conventional radiography, digital x-rays can cut radiation exposure by more than 80%. Traditional x-ray machines are less sensitive than digital x-ray machines; therefore, less radiation is needed to produce an image.
    We must limit our exposure to radiation since it can harm the DNA in our cells and raise our chance of developing several malignancies. The radiation exposure from digital x-rays is negligible and is not harmful to health.
  3. Digital x-rays enable easy electronic archiving.
    Digital x-rays are simple to transport, save, and access (if necessary.) X-rays are much less likely to be lost or misplaced when stored electronically than physically. Your orthodontist can send your x-rays electronically in only a few minutes if you need them.
  4. Digital x-rays are friendly to the environment.
    As opposed to conventional x-ray film processing, which generates wastage and unnecessary chemicals, digital imaging is more environmentally friendly. Many chemicals are washed over the film to process the x-ray image. After then, these substances turn into toxic waste, obliterating environmental ecosystems.
  5. Digital x-rays processes images without the use of chemicals or paper-based materials. They are instead downloaded to the database, kept electronically, and only printed when necessary.


The profession of dentistry today would be virtually unimaginable without x-ray technology. Early tooth decay, gum disease, abscesses, and abnormal growths are just a few of the issues that orthodontists using radiographs (x-ray images) may diagnose and treat. There is no doubt that since x-rays were first accessible a century ago, this diagnostic technique has spared innumerable teeth and prevented incalculable pain. Modern digital x-rays have improved the safety and usefulness of the method.

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