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Website security is a must when you decide to open an online business. As, Hackers, viruses, DDoS attacks, Malware attacks, etc., will harm your website and maybe steal the site’s data. Therefore, there are various types of hosting that provide good security measures to the site and one of them is a Dedicated Server. As more businesses are opening online in USA, the threat of damaging your site on a shared server is more. Because a shared server does not provide rich security measures as it has shared resources and these are shared with multiple other websites. But, in a Dedicated Server USA, you get dedicated resources that are fully committed to your website and provide rich security measures.

Generally, dedicated servers come at higher prices as you are the only user of the whole physical server, but a few companies are there which provide cheap services. One of them is Hostbillo hosting company that offers Cheap Dedicated Server USA services with rich security software. Let’s take a look at how dedicated hosting protects your site and what Hostbillo offers.

How Dedicated Server USA Protects Your Website?

As dedicated servers definition says, it is a physical server that a person or company owns for their high-traffic websites. Most people switch to USA Dedicated Servers because of the isolated environment it provides. As shared servers fail to provide it. A high-traffic website demands rich security and dedicated resources that’s what it delivers. A Cheap Dedicated Server USA comes with prime security that already protects your site from malware attacks and maleficient activities. But you can also install upper-level security software that enhances the layer of security and your site’s safety will be maximum. It’s totally up to you if you want to install it or not as dedicated server hosting already provides the best security software. In the following section, this piece will go into more detail about Hostbillo web hosting and its Dedicated Servers in USA services.

USA Dedicated Server Provider- Hostbillo

For a high-traffic website, it is essential to host it on dedicated resources therefore Hostbillo comes with its Best Dedicated Server USA services. It comes with flexible resources and protects your site to the maximum level. Also, these resources come with powerful hardware and updated OS facilities. With a broad range of reliable services, Hostbillo provides a Cheap Dedicated Server USA in your budget to protect your site from DDoS attacks. It also offers broad bandwidth, high RAM, 100% SSD Storage, fast site speed, etc. It offers unbeatable protection when it comes to the safety of your site. So, let’s magnify its USA Dedicated Servers services in detail.

Perks of Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server Hosting USA Services

Dedicated Server USA

In this section, you will find out what are the features of dedicated servers that Hostbillo provides to you. Apart from providing the best security measure it also offers more features that are very helpful in increasing the performance of your website. So. let’s start.

Enhanced Security

As you already know how much your site’s security matters when you have a good and high visitors website. As with shared servers, you may find the server downfall issues and information leak out issues. Therefore with a Cheap Dedicated Server USA, you can provide maximum protection to your site that made it healthier than before. Also, you are able to install security software to the server to layer up the security measures of your site.

Root Level Control

As you own the whole physical server therefore you get the SSH root control of it. By having this access you will be able to modify the server settings and make them workable for you. Not only you can modify the settings but also you can configure the server and install as many applications as you want. So getting a Cheap Dedicated server USA would be the perfect solution for your website.

Agile Performace

Hostbillo’s Cheap Dedicated Server USA provides you with an isolated atmosphere that is safe from malware attacks and maleficients activities of outsiders. Therefore it helps in enhancing the performance of the website and faster the page load speed. It increases the user experience of your site and ranks top on search engines.

Get Hostbillo’s Best Dedicated Server USA Plans and Packages

Hostbillo is one of the offshoring and leading web hosting providers that offer the Best Web Hosting Services in USA at low costs. You can find a variety of web hosting solutions and purchase them for your small to large size business websites. Hostbillo delivers rich security software with its dedicated hosting services, so there is no worry about the security of the website. You can see a variety of Cheap Dedicated Server USA plans that start at $45.

Best Dedicated Server USA


Now, you have known maybe how much server protection is important and how a Cheap Dedicated Server USA helps in protecting your site. It is a must to have good protection software therefore Hostbillo provides Dedicated Server USA services at a reasonable rate with the best security. As you have gone through the blog, now you know about the range of plans and packages of Hostbillo so buy the best package for your website and make it safe. It also provides Linux Dedicated Server USA and Windows Dedicated Server USA, so get the best one that fit’s your requirements.

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