BISE Sargodha Board 9th & 10th Class Result


Sargodha Board has been playing an important role in educational affairs of central Punjab for over half a century now. The purpose behind establishing this board was to conduct exams pertaining only towards the region, but with time their responsibilities have expanded beyond these limits and they are currently responsible both at public or private school level – depending on where you live within western areas under consideration here (i e if your hometown is situated near Mianwali). Every year thousands upon generative candidates appear SSC Part 1 & 2 as well HSSC part1

The registration and examination process for new students at BISE Sargodha begins two or three months before the start of exams. The academic year starts with matriculation courses in April, while Intermediate level classes Start September. Although it’s important that you contact your local education board about specific dates depending on when they will be held this year!\

Sargodha Board provides two options for students to prepare well in advance: model papers and past exam patterns. Past exams serve as good guidelines when studying from them because they usually include some questions not found on current tests; this way we can avoid repeating any mistakes made during previous years’ quizzes or competitions between schools around town

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Sargodha Board uploads a date sheet of the exams one month prior to its release, providing complete schedule and roll number slips.

The students are provided with all necessary information about how they should prepare for these tests two months before it begins by receiving their own copy in mail or via an official source such as parents’ colleagues who work at schools nearby; this includes knowing what kind(s)of materials will be used during class time on various subjects from chemistry set back if needed because there could possibly.

The Sargodha Board has announced the results of annual exams for students who sat in April and June this year. The matriculation level tests end on their scheduled date, while intermediate levels are allowed some extra time before being finalized at an official site or via postcard delivery depending upon where they live within Punjab province – so it’s important to know what address will be used when!


Check the 9th Class Result by Roll Number:-


The easy way  to remember this information, however—is if it’s write on your hand or somewhere near where you’ll see the numbers during testing day!

  • Visit the Sargodha Board’s official website
  • Select the option (matric)
  • Choose a year
  • Select Annual.
  • Enter your Roll number
  • Search Result.

Check the 9th Class Result by Name:-

We all know that checking your SSC results is a long process. Especially if you did not do well in school or college. The good news? It just got easier! You can now verify yours online through one website instead of going down an tedious path at home. Which will probably take up most people’s time while they’re waiting for something else anyways (like dinner). All thanks go back to this great invention called “the internet.”

vist the website .

Check the 9th Class Result by SMS:-

The students of Sargodha are in need of some help when it comes to checking their result. They have been unable or unwilling. Respectively on where they can get access for this purpose. So we’ve laid down the procedure accordingly!

for students’ assistance.

  • In the message box, type your Roll Number.
  • sent to the number 800290.
  • After 15 minutes, you will receive your results
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