What is the Benefits of worship?

What is the Benefits of worship

As many of you know, several years ago, I went through a season of gifts that completely amazed me. God started bestowing charity on me until I had no place to put it in the real sense. It was a wonderful time.To learn more about Hanuman chalisa then click here.


A few months after that time, I asked God why He had favored me in this way, when there were countless individuals I realized who prayed more, knew more sacred writings and were, in fact, better Christians and He said ‘in light’ of the fact that you honored me.’

That day I realized God had a spot in His heart for admirers.  Thinking back I presently see the reason why my relationship with God has forever been so personal, it was the love.

I have served the Lord for more than 25 years at this point, and it has forever been easy for me to venerate God. In any event, when fights and preliminaries came, it appeared to be my protected spot was in venerating Him. Also, love, I did. It has brought me through many troublesome times.

Notwithstanding, without me, in any case, noticing it, my seasons of love were cut short during a difficult season in my life. I had no good reason; My eyes were completely fixed on the thoughts of this world and the battle that shook all aspects of my life. However, even during this time, God provided me with a prophetic expression, saying that I had His statement and that I would not go down, yet emerge with the spoils. I declared that word and that word alone for a long time.

Sooner or later the Lord started talking to me about something; He said ‘No love, no rain.’ I thought this was the weirdest claim. However, it kept coming to me recently.  Zechariah 14:17 says those who do not worship God, there will be no rain on them.

I didn’t really fully see everything that God was trying to say to me, yet I realized that He was trying to achieve something original for me. Thus I began to meditate on those words; No love, no rain. Two-three days passed, actually I did not have the disclosure.

 I know he was telling me that my seasons of love were missing enough, but I also know that what he was talking about was not complete. I continue to contemplate and meditate on that sacred text.

One evening, long before bedtime, I chose to do what the sacred writings said and love. For my purposes, love has consistently come from the heart; I had never loved with such conviction. Anyway, walking into that season of challenge, sooner or later, it seemed that the love of my heart had mysteriously gone.

As a result, I did what the word told me to do: I needed to rely on an unshakable faith until the passion for love returned.

Only 12 hours after the fact did God reveal to me what He was expressing to me.

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Remember my conscience to God at the beginning of this battle: You have my statement, you will not go down, but emerge with the spoils. Presently, in general, it looked like I had gone down, yet I continued to take out whatever God said. ‘I won’t go down, still emerge with booty.’

When God showed me the reveal about taking it in now, I began to admit ‘I didn’t go down, though I’m actively budding with booty.’

What was he saying when God was telling me ‘no love, no rain’; If you do not need some investment to honor me, you have sown a great deal of seed to bring it, which you have planted to empower you to emerge with spoils, on those seeds will not rain and Assuming that there is no rain, your seeds will not grow and collect, without rain there will be no spoils, and without love there will be no rain.

Oh my god, I want to believe that you can have it in your soul. Love brings rain. Torrential rain follows a certain thing; love. We don’t need to appeal to God for rain, we just need to love.

Many of my colleagues have planted endless saplings.  The seed is now in the ground, it just needs water.

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