5 Steps to Creating Pop-Up Banner Ads that Convert



From storefronts to tradeshows – pop up banner is always effective at promoting brands. Top brands use these banners at major marketing events to inform event attendees about their brands. Storeowners custom-print details about special offers and promotions on these banners to draw the attention of prospects passing by.

A high-quality, well-designed pop up banner will generate a tremendous amount of goodwill for your brand. If people see your brand name on a shiny, well-designed banner, they’ll think highly of your business. But, if you want this attention to convert into revenue, you’ll have to take some strategic design decisions.

Don’t worry. There are many successful examples of pop-up banner ads generating sales & revenue for their companies.

Here are five simple steps to creating such pop-up banners that not only provide brand growth but also generate revenue –

Benefits-Driven Headlines

Assume that your banner is poorly designed. What’s the one thing that will compel an average consumer to still look at such a badly designed banner? Incentives and promises of benefits. If your banner features a strong, benefits-driven headline, it will automatically generate audience attention. “Save money.” “Get 50% off.” “Have whiter teeth in just 3 days?”

These types of headlines allow target customers to skim through the banners. Even if they’re not interested in checking out your banner in detail, these headlines will grab their attention. After that, if they find your offerings beneficial, they’ll check out the call-to-action. The headline text should be in big, bold font. It should stand out from the other design elements on the banner.

Pick the Right Pop-Up Ad Format

You can likewise help your email promote supporter recruits by utilizing a leave spring-up. A leave spring-up is set off at whatever point it recognizes that a guest on your site is going to leave.

Proceed with caution

Advertisers know the benefit of picking the right words to streamline the viability of duplicates. Utilizing the right prompts can decrease your skip rate and urge them to concur.

Utilize Stunning Visual Cues

Adding appealing obvious prompts and pictures can cause the watcher to notice the spring-up. You can likewise pick a light or dull foundation which sticks out or stands out from the remainder of the page and can stress your CTA.

Use Attention Arresting Words

Attention-arresting words are words or phrases that stir the target viewer’s interest. Stir them to the degree where they’re compelled to check out the rest of the banner ad. Here are some examples of attention-arresting words that you should use on your pop-up banners –

  • New!The word “New” always reads exciting.
  • FREE! That’s right. “Free” is a magic word in the world of advertising that always attracts attention and keeps target customers interested.
  • LIMITED OFFER. Inject a sense of urgency into your banner ads.

Make sure your pop-up banners feature at least one or two attention-arresting words.

No Walls of Text

The average consumer is exposed to 6,000-10,000 advertisements every day. For them, their attention spans are finite resources that they only spend on things they like. What’s something that nobody likes? Long paragraphs of tiny text on banner ads. Only use small lines. Don’t use complex words. Stick to 8th-grade level English.

Keep all the text on your banners straightforward and easy to digest.

Clear Call-to-Action

What should a target customer do once he/she is done seeing your pop-up banner ad? Do you want them to call the company line? Visit a specific page on the company website? Whatever it is, you’ve got to tell them clearly what actions they need to take.

Mention phone numbers, websites, and other contact details in the CTAs on your banners.

Track and Improve

Track how many responses, engagements, etc., your pop-up banners receive. These banners are quite cheap. You can custom-create and order new ones after every few months & launch new & improved banner marketing campaigns.

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