3 steps to creating a successful Instagram marketing



3 Steps to Creating a Successful Instagram Marketing 

It’s easy to see why brands are serious about creating an Instagram strategy with over 2 billion users worldwide.The US is expected to see an increase of 11% in Instagram users over the next year.In other words, brands cannot afford to ignore Instagram marketing’s power.You’re here to help you grow your Instagram account by 2022. This article will show you how to create a successful Instagram marketing plan in just five steps.Your ideal customer is essential before your content strategist can begin planning content. Your ideal customer will always be considered before you launch a new campaign.Your target customer is the most important thing to remember before you upload any content to Instagram.click here

If you don’t have a perfect customer profile, you risk attracting the wrong customers and wasting your time.Start by creating a profile of your ideal customer to lay the foundation for your Instagram strategy.

Think about it. Who is your ideal customer?

What hobbies and interests are they interested in? Step 2: Commit to adapting content to your ideal customers

Although we don’t want to sound like a beaten horse, your entire marketing team must work together to ensure your Instagram content appeals to the right audience.Have a meeting with your team to discuss the importance of creating content relevant to your ideal client.

Your copywriters, social media managers, and content writers must fully understand your ideal customer and how to create Instagram content for them.Once you are on the same page, dive deeper and check social media analytics. Look at their purchasing habits, engagement habits, and Instagram-specific habits.


Is your ideal customer-obsessed with Instagram Stories? 

Do they love contests and giveaways? Which writing style would your perfect customer be drawn to?

You can investigate any pain points, needs, or problems your ideal customer may have. This is a more profound analysis than what you did in step 1.

If you are a skincare company, for example, learn about your ideal customers’ skincare needs and what obstacles they have encountered.

Perhaps they have tried three different acne shampoos and still have breakouts. Maybe your ideal client tried a particular brand of moisturizer but found it too expensive.

These details will help you craft the content and language best suits your customer.For example, look at the Instagram grid created by Mos, a financial tech company.It would be best if you were committed to tailoring content for your ideal customer.

Source: InstagramMos uses Instagram to inform its ideal customers, college students, about important information regarding student loans, government student loan updates, and college options.

It also focuses on answering customers’ most pressing questions like 

Where does FAFSA come From?

Mos didn’t choose to focus on these posts without reason. Mos’s posting strategy is carefully designed to appeal to the ideal customer. Mos helps this customer understand their college options and student loans.

Before we end this step, here’s a final tip:Before publishing Instagram content, consider creating a Quality Analysis (QA) checklist that your marketing team can review.

Let’s take an example to show you what we mean.


  • Are you aiming to reach your ideal customer with the content you are about to publish?
  • Is the content relatable, personal, and engaging?
  • Is this a post that will educate, empower, entertain, or provide value to my ideal customer?
  • This post can help me move my business forward.
  • With this post, can I increase my Instagram followers?

Step 3: Select your core customer-centric engagement method

You’re now:

Create the ideal customer profile to lay the foundation for your Instagram strategy

Explore the pain points of your perfect customer.We are committed to adapting our content to the needs of your excellent customer

Once you have identified your ideal client, you can choose the core customer-centric engagement methods you will use.Don’t be intimidated if that sounds a lot. You can engage with your Instagram followers in a few ways if you have core customer-centric engagement strategies.

When choosing engagement methods, you must think about your dream customer. You must give your dream customer a reason to contact you.If you have high-profile clients, it is possible that they don’t have the time or energy to take part in giveaways and contests. They might be drawn to brand collaborations or find educational posts more attractive than their morning coffee.

Understanding how your ideal customer interacts with brands they like is also essential. Is there a specific brand they use every day to consume content? What are their interactions with them.?

Which posts do they like the most?

Are you unsure of the best engagement strategies for your brand on Instagram?For inspiration, check out these engagement strategies.

Consistently post value

It would be best if you were committed to long-term goals to grow your Instagram following.

Instagram posts should not be about sales and sales. Your posts should instead focus on providing value and encouraging sales when necessary.

Consider following the 80/20 rule to find the perfect balance.The 80/20 rule suggests that 80% should be value-driven content. They educate, inform or empower your ideal customer.

StuDocu “5 Habits for Successful Students” blog teaches its ideal customer how to develop healthy student habits.

This rule states that 20% of your posts must explicitly promote your business. Kylie Cosmetics’ direct makeup campaign is an example.Also, don’t forget to give! Then, make sure to offer your ideal customer offers that they won’t resist.

Hosting giveaways, challenges, or contests is a great idea.

Remember that giveaways, challenges, and contests are more effective when hosted often or used to promote a campaign.

Encourage users to answer and ask questions.

Inviting users to ask questions and share their thoughts with you will encourage them to interact more with your posts.

This is also a great way to engage with Stories users. They offer a great way to interact with more people, as 500 million people view Instagram Stories each day.Your followers will be able to connect with you in a profound way by sharing your story through storytelling. Brands that use storytelling techniques feel magnetic, whether it’s sharing your brand’s history or inspiring stories about customer success.

Bonus engagement strategies

Jasmine Star, a business strategist who has increased her Instagram following by 477,000 followers, recommends these engagement strategies.Jasmine recommends that every caption on Instagram be based on the HIC formula.The HIC formula is easy to follow and requires only three steps.

Hook: Use shocking facts or figures to hook your followers. Or, you can present a common problem that they have.

Insights: Share your unique value-adds such as educational content or a solution for the problem you shared.

CTA: Make a call to action. What inspired movement would users like to take?

Here is an example of a template for a caption following the HIC formula.Respond to all comments, questions, and feedback regarding your post. To double-check for any missed comments, you can use a social listening instrument.


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