5 Most Incredible Facts About uPVC Doors & Windows



With time, the popularity of the UPVC Door & Windows is increasing. These are excellent options to choose from when looking for durable materials with a stunning look. Apart from this, people need windows and doors that can be of practical use for their residences and offices. You will not get such features with a wooden window or door. That is where you can only trust windows and doors made of high-quality UPVC.

Some people are confused about UPVC windows and doors as they think these products may not last for years. But uPVC is a perfect alternative to aluminium and timber products.

Some Statics About UPVC Door & Windows      

When using uPVC doors offered by a reliable UPVC door company, you can expect an insulation improvement and about 70 per cent noise reduction. Besides, as per the experts, these doors and windows can increase your property value by around 40 per cent.

What’s more? They can prevent around 60 per cent heat loss during winters and approximately 75 per cent heat gain during summers. So, if you are looking for the best doors and windows for your home, you will never go wrong with uPVC windows and doors. Now, let’s discuss some amazing facts about uPVC windows and doors.

  • Super Easy To Maintenance

The uPVC material doesn’t rust, peel, flake or rot even after years of usage. You can keep your uPVC doors last longer with a little maintenance. All they need is a gentle wipe using a clean cloth dipped in any cleaning solution. You don’t have to worry about any touch-ups or repainting with them. These windows and doors generally require no maintenance.

  • Support Better Acoustic and Thermal Insulation

When combined with double-glazed glass, UPVC Door & Windows can offer excellent thermal insulation while keeping your home warmer during the winters and cooler during the summers. On the other hand, they can effectively protect against noise coming from outside. While living in a crowded city or an apartment, outside noise is usually a huge issue. In such cases, the uPVC window becomes a crucial addition to your house.

  • Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient

You can easily create an energy-efficient living space by adding low-emissivity glass panes to your uPVC doors and windows. These reflect the sun’s heat away during summers and effectively store your house’s interior heat during winter. As a result, there is an ideal indoor temperature throughout the year, and you don’t have to use your cooling or heating systems. That means you will save on your monthly power bills. However, using the best quality UPVC doors and windows offered by an experienced UPVC door company is necessary to reap this advantage.

  • These Are Designed For Durability

Studies prove that uPVC is a highly durable material, and doors or windows made with it last for years. On the other hand, these are termite-resistant, dust-proof, and weather and moisture-resistant. You can keep yourself and your family members protected by installing uPVC doors or windows without sacrificing the overall charm of your house.  

  • Better Security

Most UPVC doors & windows come with a multi-purpose locking system to offer a high level of security. Furthermore, some uPVC doors have quality galvanised steel cores, which are very challenging to break.

Does uPVC Expand in High Temperature?

Most people assume that uPVC expands when it comes to contact with high temperatures; however, it doesn’t. The reason is they don’t have a plasticizer. No matter the outside weather, your uPVC windows and doors will not crack or change shape. They don’t even wrap under extreme heat. Whether aluminium and timber windows require high maintenance, your uPVC doors will keep running for years without requiring much care.

So, why wait? Get in touch with the best UPVC door company and buy doors and windows at affordable prices and in different designs and styles.

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