5 Ways To Save On Interest On Your Loans




Most people consider loans a massive burden since they have high-interest rates and monthly EMIs; nevertheless, there are numerous strategies to minimise India’s loan interest rates on authorised credit. First, you might save money on interest by paying smaller EMIs, depending on the type of loan. 

If you are looking for a loan or want to find a cheaper interest rate on your existing loans, a personal loan interest calculator can help you save large sums of money. Of course, the lesser your cost of borrowing, the less you will pay in interest, but it could also affect your total payout and the length of time it takes to repay the lender.

Tips to Reduce Interest on Loan

1) Consolidate your debts.

Many believe transferring loans or banks is an unneeded effort- a rather futile endeavour. However, if you can acquire a loan at a lower interest rate from a new lender, it is worth fast calculating to see how much you will be saving by moving your loan account.

If you have many debts, merging them into a personal loan may save you money through a reduced interest rate while streamlining your monthly payments. Several lenders also let old loans be transferred into a new loan account, so you must make an effort to inquire about this option.

2) Pay off your debts before the end of your term.

People usually take loans for several years at a time. If your loan has a set duration, prepaying it may result in a fine; however, specific lenders may allow you to return your loan without incurring any fees. You should consider if your lender does not levy a penalty for early repayment.

However, in most circumstances, the prepayments or foreclosure charges are a portion of India’s loan interest rates. Therefore, if you have a large outstanding balance or a lengthy tenure, you should strongly consider this alternative.

3) Online price comparison

It is now simple to compare loan rates provided by several lenders online. However, current loan borrowers should also review their options and keep an eye on the interest rates given by lenders. If the gap in interest rates is significant, switching your loan makes sense.

Several internet portals summarise various lenders’ interest rates, fees, and other costs. Do your homework to guarantee you obtain the best interest rate on your loan. You can also check the personal loan interest calculator for accurate, current rates.

4) Learn about loan amortisation and how interest is calculated.

Each month, the lender bills the creditor interest on the loan’s outstanding principal sum. Initially, the lender allocates each loan instalment to interest costs rather than principle, so your loan amount will gradually decline.

A greater interest amount may be levied in a deferral or forbearance, which you must also pay off before the principal amount decreases. You may pay off your principal faster if you pay a larger monthly amount. As a result, ensure that you grasp the repayment schedule and its kind so that you may select your EMI amount.

5) At all costs, avoid late payments.

It is critical to keep track of your debts and make timely payments. Borrowers may be late with repayments or even default on a loan if they fail to remember the payment due date. As a result, the lender imposes a late charge or penalty on the borrower, and the credit score suffers.

As a result, even if the lender does not send you a reminder about the deadline, the borrower must maintain track of payments because any default or delay might increase the amount borrowed.


A good credit score is a determining factor in earning reduced personal loan interest rates in India. Unfortunately, no easy cure can instantly boost your credit score if you have already managed to get it very low. To achieve the best interest rates, you must manage your credit carefully.

If you know you may need a loan in the future, it is critical to concentrate on boosting your credit score ahead of time. Customers with better credit scores are not always eligible for larger loan amounts, but they often receive cheaper interest rates since lenders consider them safe and creditworthy.

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