6 Expert Opinions for Your Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes

Choosing the right packaging for your products is daunting and this problem can be solved with the use of rigid packaging. You can use rigid boxes as memorable boxes to grab the attention of new customers or encourage existing customers to repurchase the product. While these boxes provide clients with more durable and environmentally responsible packaging, it also means that your high-quality box will be more expensive.

A high-quality rigid box’s durability makes it more appealing to consumers eager to spend money on high-quality goods, helping your product land on the top shelf.

6 Experts’ Opinions for Rigid Boxes

Here are six custom rigid boxes opinions shared by experts:

1.      Paper Wrapping

A folding carton cannot attain the silky-smooth finish that a box wrapped with fine paper can. If smooth isn’t what you’re looking for, there are many different texture options for paper wrapping. For instance, a leathery texture might help if you’re creating a male perfume.

You have to be careful about customers’ first impression of your product when they hold it in their hands. When someone opens rigid packaging boxes for the first time and sees all the effort into their design, what impression do you want them to have? How do you want them to feel when they take it off the shelf?

2.      Spot Gloss UV

Spot gloss UV is the best technique for a subdued soft-touch coating. This is the way to go if you want to make your logo or other minor design components stand out.

Similar to folding boxes, rigid boxes don’t have UV protection to give a shiny appearance. But, you can add a matte or satin coating film for a shining appearance. With the spot UV, you can create attractive custom-printed boxes. You can give a subtle shine to various elements on the box while the overall design remains opulent.

3.      Window Cutout

Customers can glance inside the custom rigid boxes through the window on the lid and check the products. Meanwhile, other unique features, such as the magnetic lid’s simplified opening process and the ribbon, give the customer a premium experience.

Windows can display the product type, color, and size if you sell the same product in various forms. The window on rigid boxes allows customers and employees to view products on store shelves and retail counters.

4.      Foils and Embossing

Two design components, foiling and embossing, appeal to clients on several levels. On your rigid packages boxes, foil stamping produces a lovely visual effect similar to spot UV. In contrast, embossing provides your stiff box with a satisfyingly premium feel and gives clients a memorable experience.

A flat emboss works similar to the top of a seal. Meanwhile, a sculpted emboss has a three-dimensional appearance. Both types of embossing are popular to give your products a unique touch. You can add a logo with embossing or foil for a unique product touch. You can choose the option that will complement your brand the best.

5.      Soft Touch Coating

After choosing the printing and finishing method, you should also decorate the luxury rigid boxes. Now, you may wonder if keeping the boxes simple would give the best experience to the customer. That’s true, but you should create a unique experience as well. You only need a subtle design that features your company logo on a background of a single color box to indicate that you are selling a high-end product.

Once you’ve chosen that subtle style, one of the most popular ways to customize a rigid box is with soft-touch coating or soft-touch. The velvety texture gives your container a more luxurious look and adds a tactile touch.

6.      Magnetic Closures

Magnetic rigid boxes will protect your product during shipping. Also, it increases the attraction of the brand and gives solid packaging. Customers choose the products carefully. Therefore, you need to consider safe packaging as well as an attractive one.


When customers visit your shop to purchase a product, they touch it to assess the quality. It should be no surprise that high-end companies use rigid boxes wholesale packaging for their products.

Brands are aware that customers anticipate a complete experience from the time they decide to buy a product until they take it home and use it. Also, customers would want a clear look to check the condition of the products. Therefore, you must consider every packaging aspect while choosing rigid packaging boxes.

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