6 Myths And Misconceptions About Car Maintenance – Debunked



Car needs proper maintenance because it works on machines, after all. No one would want to throw away a lot of money after burning a hole in the pocket on its purchase. That is why proper maintenance car repair tires change shop is suggested to avoid unnecessary expenses, as you can do most of it at home. However, if you are not good at it, you can always look up to mechanics for car repair in Dubai and beyond.  

You might have heard a lot of common advice for car maintenance and repair and might be ready to spend money despite thinking in depth if it’s true or not. Everyone wants their car to be in the best shape and believes in every piece of advice, even the misconceptions. There is no shortage of people around you throwing advice, but some myths only burn a hole in your pocket, and some, however, can be life-threatening.  That is why do not blindly trust everything you hear. Be in touch with a well-reputed car repair service provider in your area as he can give the best piece of advice.

However, understanding some common myths in advance can be life-saving. So, let’s delve into 6 common misconceptions about car maintenance.

1.   Refueling In The Morning Means Getting More Fuel

It is a common theory that refueling late at night or early morning can make you get more fuel for the same amount of money. The reason behind this is that at night or early hours of the morning, the temperature is cooler, and the oil is denser.

It is true that heat expands the liquid and makes it less dense. That is why fueling in the morning means dense liquid, and you can get more of it.  car repair tyres change shop 

The theory is true, but the concept is faulty. The reason is that most fuel stations store the liquid underground or in a well-concealed area meaning the fuel remains at a constant temperature. That is why the time does not make a difference as the density remains the same.

2.   Not Replacing Tires Until Reach Down To Low Thread Depth

Changing tires when they reach down to a minimum thread depth makes sense. However, waiting for too long can open you to many dangers. Driving with lower threat depths on snowy and wet roads can lead you to the emergency room of a hospital, and you would surely not want that.

So, when the tread depths fall 1.6mm, make sure to change tires immediately. Check your tires regularly and drive slowly on wet rods covered with snow.

3.   Warm Up Before Driving In The Winters

It is a common misconception that in winter, warming up the engine before diving is essential for better performance. The truth is that the engine does not need to get warmed to operate car repair tyres change shop. In fact, the modern engine has the tendency to warm faster when driving. So, do not waste time warming the engine because it gives you no benefit but wasting fuel and money. However, make sure not to over-rev the car initially.  

4.   Premium Fuel Is Better Than Regular Fuel

People think that if regular fuel does better, then premium fuel will do better. However, it’s nothing more than a myth. Most of the vehicles are designed to work fine on regular fuel, which has an 87- octane rating. However, luxury cars may require premium gas if they have turbocharged engines or high performance. If you think that using premium gas can increase the efficiency of an engine, it is nothing but a misconception and a waste of money.

5.   Changing Oil Every 3000 Miles Is Essential

According to experts, changing oil often does no good but costs you money. Today, the change interval time for most vehicles is between 5000 to 75000 miles owing to the modern lubricant. However, the time varies from vehicle to vehicle, and it is better to refer to the car manual for suitable time recommendations.

6.   Inflating The Tire According To The Pressure On The Tire’s Sidewall

Most people follow the PSI figure mentioned on the sidewall of the tire. However, that figure represents the maximum amount of pressure a tire can bear. If you inflate the tires of a vehicle to its maximum capacity, chances are they will wear out before time leading to nothing but a waste of money.

So, what should you do instead? Look for car tire pressure recommendations in the car manual. Furthermore, the accurate tire pressure is mentioned on the sticker on the door of the driving seat as well. You can also consult car tyres change shop in Dubai or near you if it sounds more convenient.

Wrap Up car repair tyres change shop

In all, paying heed to these myths does no good but costs you extra bucks. So, read the car manual or get advice from renowned car service providers to learn the right car maintenance tips. 

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