8 Tips On How To Walk At Conferences



The IT market is unimaginable without regular conferences. On them, people exchange experience and knowledge, find business partners, learn about the latest trends, and sometimes they set these trends themselves. Finally, at conferences, people just have a good time. However, it should be understood that an IT conference is not a fun event. Here are some tips to help conference attendees make the most of their time.

How To Make Most Of Their Times At Conference?

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your time at the IT conference:

Register Early

If you are interested in some conferences, let’s say CIO conferences, and you are determined to attend them, then register in advance. Preferably as early as possible. Think like this: your taste is good a priori. So, if you liked the conference, then, for sure, hundreds more people liked it. On the last day, there will most likely be no more places.

Spend Money

Remember one of the tips for those who want to get rich? Invest in yourself. So, this is exactly the case. A proven fact: if a person spends personal money on a conference, his motivation increases in direct proportion to the amount spent. He will try his best to make the event bring him real benefit.

Don’t Waste Money

If you’re motivated enough without any incentive, try telling your boss about the conference. Many IT companies pay their employees to travel to conferences to improve their skills. If you make a good case for attending this conference, your expenses will be covered by the company.

Plan Your Conference Itinerary

At large conferences, several interesting presentations can be held in different sections at the same time. So that this does not become an unpleasant surprise for you, carefully study the conference schedule in advance and decide what information is a priority for you. Might have to sacrifice something

Bring Your Friends

Try not to go to the conference alone. Campaign colleagues or find in your circle of acquaintances a person with similar professional or personal interests. Firstly, your friend will be able to visit other sections of the big conference, and after that you will exchange the obtained information with him. Secondly, even listening to the same speaker, different people will pay attention to different things. As they say, “one head is good, but two is better.”

Get Ready To Listen

Listening to reports at an IT conference is not at all the same as listening to music at a concert. The listener should be prepared no less than the speaker. Before the conference, when you decide which reports attend, read the information on the relevant topics. A quick introduction will not make you an expert, but it will still form a general idea of ​​the subject of the conversation.

Get Ready To Present Yourself

Conversations in the corridors are an integral part of any conference. This is how future colleagues and business partners find each other. Therefore, even if you do not intend to speak to a large audience, consider how you will present yourself to other conference guests.

It should be a very short and capacious self-presentation. If you are a startup or entrepreneur, be sure to get a pack of business cards. Believe me, this little thing will be appreciated.

Save Contacts

Save the contacts of everyone you can. It is impossible to guess in advance when you need to contact this or that person. It is possible that the people with whom you exchange email addresses will one day become your business partners.

Keep in mind that you should always have a notepad with a pen or pencil (or better, a couple of pens or pencils) on hand. Not everyone, like you, will take a pack of business cards with them.

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