9 Tips For Promoting Your Local Business on Instagram

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Instagram can be an effective tool in your local business. Here are nine ways to make your network more attractive and sell your logo.

Instagram is best in your local store.

I get what you’re thinking, “How would a social media platform with funny cat videos, influencer posts, and mealtime photos help you get extra customers and generate extra sales?”

Believe it or not, Instagram is much more than just funny photos and videos.

It’s also increasingly becoming a marketplace, with as many as 70% of shoppers looking to Instagram for their next purchase. And 50% say they are particularly curious about an emblem after seeing an ad for it.

Now consider that 1.31 billion people are using the platform and more people are joining every day. That’s a lot of powerful customers, which is why there are over 200 million businesses on Instagram.

But getting insta followers and exposure is more than creating an account and posting product photos. There’s a piece of art to build a following in your neighborhood store. And you’re in the right place to learn how.

In this guide, you’ll explore nine recommendations you can use on Instagram to reach a much wider audience, drive engagement, sell your business locally, and generate revenue.

#1: Be an Active Participant on the Platform

Rule #1 of any social media practice is to be more than just a content creator. You want to be there.

On Instagram, which means a lot:

  • Follow different people, manufacturers and influencers
  • Join the comment phase of your and other posts
  • Publish and @display great content from prospects


Before taking a full look at your feed, it’s a good idea to convert your account directly to a commercial business profile first.

This gives you access to a range of available tools, including the local analytics app, advanced touch statistics, and click-to-purchase buttons.

It also provides customers with more statistics about your goods or services.

With a commercial business account, you can get real-time statistics on how your promoted posts and Instagram stories are performing over a period of time. You can also gain insight into your fans and the way they interact with your posts and stories.

In addition, you have the option to view statistics related to your business, such as opening hours, location and phone numbers.

#3: Set up your Instagram account properly

Before we get into tactical Instagram merchandising strategies, it’s important to optimize your Instagram account first. That way, anyone who visits your company’s profile will have a truly top-notch first impression (which might convince them to come and look at you).

Make sure you have an Instagram business account installed instead of an Instagram creator account. It gives you access to superior features such as account analytics. We want that later.

Then add the following:

  • Profile Photo: This Instagram business profile photo should match your brand to support consistency and logo recognition.
  • Instagram bio: why should people look at your profile? Use your Instagram bio to let them know and explain what kind of content you’ll be sharing.
  • Website Hyperlink: Instagram should include a clickable hyperlink from the profile. Add yours here. (Top Tip: Consider creating a dedicated touchdown webpage just for Instagram users.)
  • CTA Button: What Should People Do When They Go to Your Instagram Website? Give them a promotion name (CTA) with something next to the labels Book Now, Start Order, or Buy Tickets.
  • Contact details: Make sure capacity customers can’t touch you. If you selected a “Call” CTA, enter your Telecell smartphone number.

#4: Participate, Participate, Participate

Above all, Instagram, like all social media platforms, is a community.

And just as your business is a valued part of your local community, you may also need to show that you are a good and valued member of the Instagram community.

This way, you can attract fans who love to interact with your content.

But it’s not always enough to post great photos or videos!

To build your popularity within the Instagram community, you need to build relationships with influencers and different brands (even direct competitors) and participate in the conversations they start. Interact with the content they generate and interact with various Instagram users.

You have to spend commitment to make commitment.

And while your fans are creating a communiqué in the comments section of your posts, take an active part in the conversation and respond to questions, concerns, compliments, and other opinions.

This is also a great danger to deal with all kinds of horrible experiences, face the horrible audience and show your fans that their reviews remember you.

#5: Use Testimonials

Let’s face it, you are no longer the most independent source of facts about your own business. They have quite a shocking hobby in his success.

This is what makes testimonials as effective as they are. And not just on social media. Testimonials are an effective detail of every ad funnel, touchdown pages on your homepage, ads and more.


Hashtags have been vital within the social media ecosystem.

To use hashtags successfully and efficiently, you need to do the right research, as it involves much more than just adding a hash before phrases or terms that just seem relevant.

It’s easy to use a hashtag on your posts, but it’s a lot harder to create one that attracts new customers and increases awareness of your brand.

A good place to start is by reading your competitor’s approach and learning about hot topics for your industry. From there, you can start brainstorming after finding traction from recent hashtags on Instagram.

You also need to leverage the resources of some hashtag-specific devices like Hashtagify to find the best hashtags in each industry.

#7: Post at optimal times

If you’re using Instagram to sell your commercial business, rather than an author account, you’ll want to make sure you’re posting while your target market is online. Because if you post content at midnight when no one is around to watch it, you won’t get the results or the great Instagram insights you’re looking for.

Keep in mind, though, that high-quality posts for your Instagram business account and your business profile usage can be quite different. Your target audience, their daily routine and their time frame all play a role.

The best way to find yours is to check them out. So start with these recommendations and schedule content for different times of the day. Check which content gets the maximum engagement and when. You will begin to notice a pattern. Keep posting in places where your content tends to excel.

#8: Strengthen Your Instagram Community By Reposting Local Content

You can increase the popularity of your business on Instagram and for your local network by regularly reposting content with the help of your local fans, other groups for your area and local celebrities. Not only will the content author have a great experience knowing that their content will be featured with the help of your business, but other fans will notice.

They may also post your “Shout Out” to their Instagram page, a great way to reach your fans or even bigger people for your network nearby. Win win! Breaking down content created using real people makes your decal look more accessible and human.

In other words, your organization starts to feel like a nice neighbor instead of an after-sales company. This approach isn’t very powerful for gaining popularity within the network, but it also saves you a lot of time in creating original, specific content.

#9: Stick With One Branded Theme

Branding is a huge part of content creation, and that goes for social media as much as it is for your blog (maybe too).

People will feel very comfortable with your decal once they understand it. They develop faster, have more reputation and recognition and may appear more experienced than if you just toss your messages away.

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