A Chilled & Refreshing Walk Back To Childhood



We all love our childhoods, and we all wish to go back in time a lot. When we were children, we all had hoped to get young sooner, and now it seems like that was a mistake. Apart from the tension-free life and loads of fun, there were some chilled and refreshing drinks that we all had. Today, we want to talk about those drinks that brought those moments of delights in our life and that are still doing that. 

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Rooh Afza

With the bright red colour and rose scent, this drink has a different place in middle-class Indian homes. Many times it has been debated whether Pakistan’s Rooh Afza is better than India’s. Brother, we neither know this nor does it matter; he is happy with his drink, and we are ours. We have fond memories of Rooh Afza as a sherbet mixed with lemon, mixed with chilled milk and served over lassi.

Orange Flavor Glucon-D

Most of the mothers used to give this drink to their children after returning from playing in the summer evenings. On the one hand, while this drink is used to keep children from dehydration, on the other hand, its orange flavor was very enjoyable. So mommy is happy, and kids are happy too. Some children used to fill it in their water bottle and take it to school, and if someone asked for water, they used to refuse immediately.

Aam Panna

Mangoes are the most beautiful part of the summer season, and we love every avatar of them. One such delicious avatar of mango is Panna! This sour-sweet and spicy drink made from raw mango is not only delicious but also good for health. By the way, in childhood, there was something else about drinking aam Panna made at home.

Jal Jeera

This was probably the only thing that we used to do in childhood without the help of our moms. Just cut the packet, dissolve it in cold water and ready a sour, spicy, delicious drink. Many times the mother also used it to make water for Golgappas, and children often took it out of the packet and ate it dry.


There is nothing special in this drink, and that is its biggest feature! After returning from school in the summer, mom used to give me a glass of cold lemonade. Some people liked a pinch of salt in it, while some liked the freshness of mint. Mohito has no place next to the lemonade of childhood.

Lassi and Buttermilk

No matter how many tantrums we used to eat curd in childhood, if we got lassi or buttermilk of the same curd, then we used to gulp in a pinch. In summer, it was fun to have lassi or buttermilk with lunch or breakfast in the morning. Mouth waters at the thought of sweet lassi and spicy Tadka buttermilk after adding Rooh Afza.

Mango Shake

The power of a cold, large glass of Mango Shake can only be understood by anyone who has enjoyed it in the summer. Be it Dussehri or Chausa, or Hapus, the taste of the Mango Shake with each mango was different, but each time it was amazing. If there was a special occasion, mom used to put a scoop of ice cream in it.


During our childhood, most of the time, soft drinks were bought only on special occasions or when some guests paid a visit. The rest of the time, our companion was our beloved Rasna. It was a favorite of all the kids because of its countless flavors and, many times, the free gifts that came with it. Some children even made homemade ice candy for themselves by storing it in a glass. As soon as you end reading this refreshing article, make your way to the kitchen and make a drink for yourself and don’t forget to get something scrumptious baked with perfection.

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