All you need to know about Custom Cardboard Boxes



Custom cardboard boxes are widely used in the packaging industry to pack a variety of different products. There are different sizes of these boxes. The size can be chosen depending upon the type of product being packed inside of the box. The best thing about these boxes is that they can be reused as well.

Many people reuse them at home and other places to pack different things like clothes, stationery, crockery, and many other items to transport them from one place to another.

The Custom cardboard packaging boxes are available in different shapes and sizes. The large size boxes are used to pack the large products like different machines and their parts. Fridges and split ACs can also be packed inside of them.

Also, they can be disposed of easily because of their bio-degradable material. The organization of things also becomes easy with them. They are your best friends especially when you are shifting from one place to another.

Types of Cardboard boxes

There are different types of cardboard boxes. The material used to make this box is a crenelated strength sheet. The boxes can either be made firm from the durable material that is used to pack the delicate items or one that has the probability to break easily. Also, extra protective layers inside the box are applied.

Usually, cardboards do not have a protective coating on them. But in the case of these boxes, a protective coating either gloss or matte is done on them to increase their durability. These boxes look more extravagant and sleeker. The expensive items are packed in these boxes the top-notch brands order these boxes wholesale for their luxurious items.

Other types of cardboard boxes are ones made from a lighter material. They are used to pack the less sensitive items. These are the items that are strong on their own and do not need extra protection. These boxes are made from a bio-degradable material which makes them save for the environment as well.

Even if the fragile items are packed inside of them then the product is given more protection by wrapping it into a durable material like bubble wraps.

Customization Techniques

When the competition in the market increases the box ideas attracted people. To stand out in the market, custom-made designs are given more value. The companies put more stress on the design and outlook of the box. Sometimes an idea that is very common aboard if introduced locally gets popularity because it has never been there and people wanted it for so long.

Customized cardboard packaging is also available it aims to create a unique packaging design. So, that it catches the eye of the customer. The alluring designs and outlook are very important when it comes to the marketing of the products.

The Custom cardboard packaging is made by first choosing a box idea and a specific design related to it. The design must be unique and catchy for this purpose more time must be spent. The companies must have a specific design team to create the designs. The color theme must be selected according to the product and the theme of the company.

A variety of different patterns can be printed on the packaging boxes. the slogans and company logos can also be printed. There are different endless options in choosing the color scheme as well. it depends on the product and the company’s requirement that which color scheme should be chosen.

Get Custom cardboard boxes wholesale

The custom cardboard packaging is available at a wholesale price well in the market by the wholesalers. The wholesale price is usually cheap and the business companies usually require a larger order. The order can start from a minimum number of 500 boxes to 5000 or 1000,00 boxes.

The quantity depends upon the requirement of the client. The durability of the wholesalers and their in-time delivery must be checked before placing the order. This can be evaluated by observing their image in the market.

The custom cardboard packaging companies have dealing with the wholesalers. After designing the boxes give the wholesale order to them. The companies mostly approach these manufacturers for their ease and comfort.

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