9 Pros and Cons of Promoting Arbonne Business Plan



Arbonne International is an MLM company that offers an independent contract opportunity to sell skin care products formulated with botanical principles. The company began its first push into sales in the United States in 1980, then pushed outward to the rest of the world. Petter Mørck is the founder of the company. 

What makes this sales opportunity unique is Arbonne’s commitment to eco-friendly solutions for skin care needs. The company is carbon neutral, uses zero animal byproducts in their items, and does no animal testing. They use soy ink, FSC-certified renewable resources, and recyclable product packaging.

If you’re thinking of making a side income as an independent contractor, here are the pros and cons of promoting the Arbonne Business Plan.

Pros of Selling Arbonne Business Plan (1-3)

1. Arbonne Business Plan offers a lucrative commission-based compensation system. When you decide to start selling skincare products as an Independent Consultant, you will earn a 35% profit on personal retail sales. Another 15% commission comes from purchases made by your preferred clients. 

2. There are four ways to make money when you sell Arbonne. There are several ways you can earn for yourself when you become an independent consultant for Arbonne. The first is through direct commissions that come from personal product sales. You will also earn “overrides” from product sales your team earns. If you reach the position of Vice President, you will be eligible for their Mercedes-Benz cash bonus program. You will qualify for bonuses at each level of management based on your team’s performance.

3. You will get a two-month building period for each promotion. One of the unique disadvantages of selling Arbonne as an independent consultant is that certain positions receive a cut of the qualifying amount each month as part of “maintaining” their specific role, such as an area manager. When you get a promotion, all of your current QVs travel with you to the new location. The company will give you 60 days to build your role in the new position without requiring a maintenance waiver.

Pros of Selling Arbonne Business Plan (1-3)

4. Your level of self-discipline will determine how much you earn as an independent consultant with Arbonne. The flexibility it offers you, however, allows you to flex your hours in a way that other people are unable to do. You can take your kids to the doctor, spend time without consulting your supervisor, and build your business to whatever scale you see fit. If you are willing to take the necessary steps to get there, the income provided by this opportunity will help you when you need a little help. Basically, you need to build a Team in your Downline. For doing this type of practtice, some people have doubt that, Is Arbonne a Pyramid Scheme. By the way, i am telling, it is not a pyramid scheme. It’s works in Direct Sellin Model.

5. Your initial investment is rather low. Since Arbonne doesn’t require you to carry inventory like other skincare companies, the initial investment you’re required to make is lower than other opportunities. In addition, You get access to a CRM that helps you manage your contacts, sales and marketing training, and the opportunity to offer customers a comprehensive guarantee.

Cons of Selling Arbonne Business Plan

1. You must pay to get started. Although you are not carrying inventory like other skincare or cosmetics MLM opportunities, you must purchase a welcome kit as part of your package. The current fee structure requires a $49 registration fee to become an independent consultant. Then you have a $20 upgrade to their Preferred Client Program, which offers you a 20% discount and a 40% value pack. 

2. When you decide to sell Arbonne as an independent consultant, part of the contract you sign takes away the ability to develop your own website to sell the products you represent. You may not advertise on any site other than by purchasing access to be a representative through the Company to sell products.

3. One of the most popular products offered by Arbonne is the RE9 Advanced Moisturizing Products set If you want to buy Advance Smoothing Facial Cleanser, it costs $35.20 per PC or $44 as of January 2019. You can buy the advanced set for extra humidity or as a PC for $261.60 or otherwise for $327. 

4. It comes with a one-generation primary downstream. When you move up the ranks at Arbonne as an independent consultant, you can extend the commissions earned from your downline up to three generations. A district manager earns 8% commission on their first generation, 2% on their second generation and 1% on their third generation. 


To sum up, These pros and cons of selling Arbonne offer a system similar to any other MLM opportunity you may pursue. The price of the product is usually higher, while the quality offered by the consumer represents a higher value for you as well. If you have a network that is interested in these skincare products, a lower entry point for product access makes sense. 

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