Can You Work in UAE With Investor Visa?



Dubai has become world’s most powerful yet immensely growing economy. This is the main reasons that many individuals are looking towards this place as an ideal residential or workplace. Majority opt this location for setting up their business and many try to invest in something big. That will allow them to get investment visa in Dubai. Daydreaming is key towards success because it will help you to works for the accomplishment of your dreams.

Can I work in UAE with investor visa?

You must be thinking to start working in Dubai after making some investment in the region. So, I have good news for you. Yes, you can work in UAE with your investor visa. You can live here in Dubai and can work it is solely dependent upon your own will. Moreover, you are allowed to sponsor your family over your investor visa and those sponsored family members can also work in the country by getting approvals.

What is Investor visa in Dubai?

The investor visa Dubai is a type of visa which is applicable for foreign investors. Those who wants to start their own business on the lands of Dubai. Else, if they are interested in investing their amount in existing or running business in Dubai, so they have to get themselves an investment visa in Dubai. This visa is also known as partner visa in Dubai.

Ways to obtain your investor visa in UAE?

You can acquire your investor visa in UAE in four main categories. These are the main options that will allow you to get your investor visa approve by the authorities. The categories are as follows:

  • Residential property investments
  • By investing in a company
  • Long term residence
  • Retirement’s investment

Let’s discuss briefly to know about few details about each of the above category

In Residential property investments an investor is opted to invest in worth 1 million or above. And max 50% of property value is under mortgage. This is not applicable for commercial properties. And the duration of visa will be around 3 to 5 years and can maintained till your property is in the state.

For investing in company or running business you can choose any zone to invest in. A company in freezone or mainland is acceptable. You can get to know detailed conditions of choosing lands or zones in our more blogs.

For long term visa, the government has set a criterion who are eligible to that can get tehri investment visa in Dubai. This is 10-year residency plan on investment of around 10 million. You can invest it in various forums.

Investment after retirement, this visa is especially for those people who are retired and now want to spend tehri life in extravagant place like Dubai. Age criteria is 55 years minimum. They must have monthly income of around 20000 AED, and they need to invest in property worth of 2 million AED and their saving record of almost 1 million AED. Then they can get their investor visa for 5 years and extendable in Dubai.

What is processing time for investor visa in UAE?

As we all know, UAE has proven themselves to be most efficient and smart service providers for expats and residence in all ranges. Similarly in processing of investor visa. Time duration is minimal, around 14 to 20 working days. This is the time for entire processing till last step of getting your stamped visa in your hands.

Documents required to process your investor visa application:

  • Entry permit from the immigration department
  • Medical reports and fitness tests
  • Submit your documents to Amer’s center along with copy of the applicant’s passport and photograph.
  • Prove of health insurance
  • A copy of the company license, passports, or visas of all company shareholders.
  • A copy of an immigration card.
  • Copy of the company’s constituent agreement for LLC Formation Dubai
  • Copy of the cooperation agreement (for companies outside free zones)

Overall, getting your investor visa in Dubai is seamless and easy procedure. But you can make it even smoother by hiring professionals and experienced individuals for getting your investor visa.

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