Effective Remedies and Medical Treatment Options to Reduce Stretch Marks



Most women want smooth skin without scars to feel confident. The stretchmarks can lead to a lack of confidence and anxiety that may lead to disorders such as body dysmorphia. It may affect their performance in personal and professional life. The individual who notices stretch marks on the skin can consult Dr. Sana Yousaf. The competent and reliable specialist will understand the cause and provide guidance regarding the most effective and latest treatment options.

The person must understand the cause behind the stretch marks. The doctor will help understand the exact cause of the changes in the skin that led to stretch marks. The common causes of stretch marks include:

  • Most women start to notice stretch marks during their pregnancy. It can affect their appearance; however, the treatment can help reduce the stretch marks and enhance their appearance.
  • Individuals who use corticosteroids are more likely to notice stretch marks as a side effect of the medication.
  • Individuals who undergo breast enlargement surgery are more likely to notice stretchmarks.
  • Individuals who engage in exercises that help build the muscles are more likely to notice stretch marks on different body parts.
  • People who gain a lot of weight in a short time span are more likely to notice stretch marks on their bodies.

Individuals who want to try home remedies to reduce stretch marks can use:

  • Use of Retinoids: The use of retinoids helps enhance appearance. Vitamin A helps provide the individual with brighter and smoother skin. Retinoids contain tretinoin which helps reduce the size of the stretch marks. Hence, vitamin A, which contains retinoids, can help individual to deal with their stretch marks. However, pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid using retinoids, as it can lead to irritation and cause discomfort.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin and helps in healing. It is known to enhance skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the body. People can use hyaluronic serums once a day to notice a visible change in their skin.
  • Use of Cantella: Cantella is an herb commonly used in Korean skincare. It helps to reduce the scars and repair sensitive skin. Moreover, it helps reduce skin inflammation and assists in collagen production. Pregnant women can use Cantella to prevent stretch marks that affect their appearance.
  • Sugar and Coconut Oil: Skin exfoliation is beneficial in reducing the severity of the stretch marks. Hence, people can try this remedy to treat their stretch marks. Prepare the scrub by adding sugar coconut. Massage gently and repeat the organic scrub three times a week, to notice the visible change.
  • Aloe Vera: People with access to fresh aloe vera should extract the gel and apply it directly to the stretch marks. It is known to be effective in helping scars and burns to fade away. The use of aloe vera gel is proven effective in treating stretch marks and brightening the skin.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil: The gentle massage with coconut oil helps prevent stretch marks, as it helps moisturize the skin.

The women who notice no change in their appearance can opt for medical treatment such as

  • Laser Therapy: The therapy aims to promote collagen production, which will aid in reducing stretch marks.
  • Chemical Peeling: Glycolic acid helps in deep exfoliation and collagen production. It allows the stretch marks to fade away.
  • Radiofrequency Therapy: The therapy utilizes energy waves to penetrate the skin and promote collagen production. Radiofrequency therapy helps in reducing stretch marks.
  • Micro needling: It is a procedure that utilizes needles to help increase the elasticity and collage. It is a minimally invasive technique to treat stretch marks.

People who want information regarding the medical treatments for stretch marks should book an appointment with a competent and reliable online dermatologist. The specialist will help guide the person regarding the cost, advantages, and complications of all the available treatment options. The person can opt for suitable treatment and become confident regarding their physical appearance.


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