(Expert Opinion) What Hand Does the Engagement Ring Go



When it comes to traditions, the hand the engagement ring goes on has remained fairly harmonious over time. But with ultramodern takes on engagement and marriage ring traditions getting more common. It’s accessible that effects can get a bit confusing. So let’s review the rudiments about wearing your engagement ring.

Origins & Customs of Wearing Engagement and Wedding Rings

utmost western societies wear the engagement ring on the fourth cutlet. The left hand- known as the ring cutlet-due to an ancient Roman belief. Romans believed this cutlet featured a tone that ran directly to the mortal heart. This connection with the heart led them to call it the Vena Amoris, or “ tone of Love ”. Although this belief has long ago been proven false, the tradition has remained strong and extensively accepted over time.

In numerous eastern societies and some select countries throughout Europe like Denmark, Italy, Norway, and Spain. The engagement ring and marriage band are worn on the right-hand ring cutlet. This practice also reaches back to ancient Rome where it was believed the left hand wasn’t dependable. Also, some societies throughout Asia consider the left hand to be sick. Thus a veritably undesirable hand to wear an engagement ring or marriage band.

How Are the Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Worn?

The answer to this question can get a little complicated as the rings generally do some shifting in the trip to marriage.

; it’s most frequently worn on the ring cutlet of the left hand. This is generally the case right up until the marriage form.

During the marriage form where there will most probably be an exchange of marriage bands. The engagement ring shifts to being worn on the right-hand ring cutlet. This is done because due to another tradition, as a symbol of ultimate love and devotion. The marriage band is generally worn closest to the heart with the engagement ring on the outside.

Wearing the engagement ring on the right hand during the form also makes it easy for the marriage band to slip onto the left hand without having to move the ring. After the form, numerous will choose to shift their engagement ring back to the left-hand ring cutlet so the two rings start to be worn as a brace.

What Are Other Ways to Wear an Engagement Ring?

After the marriage and throughout the marriage, tastes and styles may change. And there are several ways to continue to wear engagement rings and marriage bands.

1) A traditional style is to wear both the marriage ring and the engagement ring on the same ring cutlet. Depending on the style of your engagement and marriage ring, this may mean the marriage ring first. Followed by the engagement ring, or as in some cases we have designed a marriage band to accentuate the top of an engagement ring.

( 2) Some choose to wear the marriage band solo on the left hand and keep their engagement ring on the right hand, or on another cutlet on their left hand.

3) One style we have seen grow in fashion ability is to add mounding rings to wear alongside and punctuate their engagement ring, whether on the ring cutlet or on other fritters.

4) Another option is to solder the engagement ring and marriage band together so they come into one piece of jewelry. However, this makes a great choice since it’ll keep the rings impeccably aligned and can indeed represent the connubial bond If it’s known that they’re always going to be worn together. This being said, we recommend that you try wearing both rings for some time before making the decision to solder them together permanently. It’s always good to have the option of leaving your engagement ring at home. Especially when traveling or engaging in vigorous conditioning.

Ending Words

There may also be circumstances when you’ll want to wear your ring else to cover it better. During a long trip or a day on the sand, it can feel safer to string the engagement ring on a chain to wear as a more secure choker. Also, people who use their hands a lot with work and threat to hit their ring frequently may profit from keeping their ring on a choker.

Above all, it’s important to keep in mind that while there are traditions, there are no absolute rules. Just like designing and picking off an engagement ring is an incredibly particular and unique experience. So too can be the choices behind how it’s worn.

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