Bests Highest Paid YouTube Stars in 2022




Unspeakable is a YouTube phenomenon who has been creating videos of himself playing Minecraft and other games since he was 12 years old. He posts these to four different channels that have over 20 million subscribers between them, filling rooms with live alligators in one clip while killing monsters from another episode for his audience’s entertainment! The estimated total Unspeakable net worth 2022 is 30$ Million.

Last year, Unspeakable sold off his catalog of YouTube videos to Spotter in order for him (Spotter) to grow more quickly rather than wait by earning ad revenue. The money from this deal allowed unearthed their debut video last month with a difference he could not have done without it!

Jake Paul:

When it comes to fighting, there’s no one like Paul. The former UFC fighter has been putting in the work for years. Now and he continues his success story by earning $21 million last year. Largely on account of three well-publicized bouts with two MMA fighters. Including Ben Asker which led many people to talk about him. After each match ended successfully won by Tyron Woodley also known as “The Chosen One”.

Jake Paul, was one of YouTube’s most popular names. Until his brother Logan posted a December 2017 video filmed. In a Japanese forest grimly famous as a suicide spot. Fans hated it and backlash hit both brothers with sponsors cutting. Them from projects they were once involved in while also having their ads. Demonetized on the site which now accounts for 90% off earnings. Due to him using other channels more often than not instead of focusing. Solely on uploading content related just only boxing where he has been successful so far.


With the rise of social media stars, many have been able to make a name. For themselves through their online presence. Among these is Markiplier who saw especially strong sales. From his Unus Annus series-related merchandise such as T-shirts and hoodies. That were released throughout 2019 following an agreement with fellow YouTube Ethan Nestor-Darling collaboration running on YouTube since then where they made all videos related specifically about this topic counting towards one’s income (which helped significantly more than before). Next up? Hoping to become a famous TV star!

He’s one of the most popular YouTube stars with 31 million subscribers and he has largely maintained that success by recording himself playing video games like Five Nights at Freddy’s, a game about an infamous haunted pizza place. For Celebrity Net Worth and Biography like Bill Austin for the latest information and news about celebrities.

In 2021 Markiplier filmed a television adaptation for The Edge of Sleep; this project is still needing its home so far though hope Sales will be making some good news soon!


He’s raking in the cash like never before, and it looks like he’ll be able to keep on doing so for some time. This is because of all those people who have been viewing his videos recently which has led them into wanting more from him as well as ordering food through apps such MrBeast Burger or other means where they can get custom meals made just how you want them at your fingertips – without any wait times!

With more than 90 million YouTube subscribers and counting, MrBeast is making a major impact in the food industry. He manages marketing for several restaurants that have come to rely on his expertise when it comes down to social media strategies–and they’re not just any type of establishment either! Visit incomescircle for more latest news and information in 2022. From011labs pushes out some top-notch grub too with 5+ million sold so far thanks entirely due to its high-quality product delivery system backed by customer service excellence at every turn which has made this operation something worth looking.

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