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People gain fame from various reasons. Some earn it through hard work and community service. While so earn it from their wrongdoings. In both cases, these people are recognized by the world and leave everyone wanting more information about them. Ezequiel Fernandez is a young boy 25 years who lived with his grandparents his entire childhood. The child’s father is Arnold Contreras who did not play the role of a good father.

Arnold treated Ezequiel Fernandez harshly and also had many gruesome allegations against himself. Let’s explore the life of Ezequiel Fernandez and shed light on what crimes his father committed.

Ezequiel Fernandez – Birth and Early Life

Ezequiel Fernandez was born on 8th April 1996 in Timor Leste. He grew up under the guidance of his grandparents. His grandfather is Robert Fernandez. His grandmother is Sandra Fernandez. Ezequiel Fernandez’s parents are Arnold Contreras and Pearl Fernandez. Ezequiel was brought up by his grandparents as his parents treated him harshly. Ezequiel’s father is a tattoo artist by profession who is alleged of many crimes.

Ezequiel Fernandez pursued his schooling at a private school in Timor Leste. He pursued his higher studies in the same school. His siblings were in California at the same time when he was going to the local school.

Ezequiel Fernandez Net Worth

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Death of Ezequiel Fernandez’s Brother Gabriel

Authorities received a call one day in May 2013, that Gabriel Fernandez had fallen from the rooftop of his own home. Gabriel’s mother took him to the hospital and did everything which was required to save him. However, the doctor immediately declared him dead. Who would have known that Gabriel’s mother was after all of this?

Many disturbing truths were later revealed which told the authorities that Gabriel was mistreated by his mom and her lover, Isauro Aguirre. Ezequiel Fernandez played the bold role of telling the authorities the real truth about his mother. He told them how her mother used to torture Gabriel for believing him to be a homosexual. He used to dress him like a girl and then send him to school.

It is also known that her mother used to feed Gabriel spoilt food and that too on an empty stomach. She and his lover Isauro used to torture him by shooting him with a BB gun in his face. Gabriel was helpless and was very traumatized and depressed by all this chain of events. In the end, Isauro forced Gabriel to jump off the rooftop, and unfortunately, this event ended his life forever. Ezequiel Fernandez’s parents and Isauro faced several trials later on.

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Ezequiel Fernandez – Personal Life and Relations

Ezequiel Fernandez is a guy that likes to maintain his privacy. To date, no information about his girlfriend or any relation is known to the public. It is believed that Ezequiel Fernandez is focusing on his studies and wants to make the bests out of his life. Even after so many gruesome things happening in his household, Ezequiel Fernandez is clear of any rumors.

Ezequiel Fernandez Net Worth

Ezequiel Fernandez’s net worth is estimated to be around 1 to 4 million US dollars. However, it is strange that no income sources prove this sum of money. Ezequiel Fernandez enjoys a luxury lifestyle and owns a luxury car.

Ezequiel Fernandez – Facts and Biography

Ezequiel is known by Ezequiel Fernandez. He is a celebrity kid and is currently 24 years old. He was born in Timor Leste and has the Virgo zodiac sign. He is of mixed ethnicity. Ezequiel holds an American nationality. His approximate height is 5 feet and 2 inches. His weight is estimated to be 48 kg. His body measurements are not known and will be updated soon.

Ezequiel Fernandez’s biceps size is not known to us. He has black-colored eyes and jet black hair. His shoe size is not known by us. He currently is not dating anyone and lives a single lifetime focusing on his studies and career. He is not married to anyone and hasn’t had any prior experiences with anyone. His net worth is reported to be around 1 to 4 million US dollars.

A Few Last Words

Ezequiel Fernandez’s life gives us a great lesson. It teaches us that no matter how harsh life is with someone. If the person aims to reach the sky and works hard for it, he will surely get there. Similar happened with Ezequiel Fernandez. Even after years of living in an abusive household, he grew stronger and managed to live a luxurious lifestyle. Thanks to his grandparents who raised him.

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