Football Shoes Guide: # Eays Ways To Clean, Dry & Stretch Your Football Shoes



How to clean them?

Outside the grass or indoor turf, football shoes often get dirty or stink with the foul smell of sweat. Football shoes are always worth the expense, so maintaining them is very crucial. You do not want to stand on the ground with dirt, so always clean them up in the right way. One concern is to have patience and always avoid machine washing, as this can quickly damage it within a single wash.

  • Leather football shoes

Knock off the mud with any old brush and use a cloth to remove the residues of dirt.

Wash the laces separately with a detergent, or try the machine wash.

Put on bicarbonate soda inside the football shoes to altogether avoid foul smells, and put on the paper balls for the shape.

Dry them in the fresh air and avoid the radiators

After these steps, put on a leather restorer to extend the lifespan of the leather.

  • Synthetic football shoes

Follow the initial steps of the leather football shoes of knocking the mud off outside and taking out any large mud using an old brush, if any.

Use a wet cloth with a very small amount of liquid detergent to wipe the football shoes until it is completely clean.

Wash laces separately after removing them.

In order to avoid the foul smell, use bicarbonate soda powder and stuff the football shoes’ interior with paper balls.

And keep them for the natural drying process.

How to dry them?

Apart from the cleaning process, drying properly extends the lifespan of the football shoes. The following are some ideas to be remembered the next time you are going to dry the football shoes.

  1. Knock off the mud and clean up using an old toothbrush.
  2. To avoid the laces from getting contracting, loosen the laces before putting them up for drying. 
  3. Separate the insoles before drying and try using direct fresh air. The approach of using the radiator can make a negative impact as it will lead to the contraction of the laces and can also affect the insole material.
  4. Use a clean and dry cloth to wipe your football shoes both inside and outside.
  5. Use the waste paper to make a ball and fill the football shoes from the boot to the toe. Make sure that you do not tightly pack them and should give sufficient spacing to allow them to absorb as much moisture as possible. 
  6. In order to avoid the foul smell, it is best advocated to dry under fresh air.
  7. Remove the used paper balls and replace them every three hours.
  8. After ensuring the football shoes are dry, replace the insoles and some deodorizing spray or bicarbonate of soda. 
  9. Drying up under the radiator or tumble dryer or using a hair dryer or an oven should be avoided at any cost. 

How to Stretch Them?

It is quite common that when we initially try football shoes, it feels great, but we find some discomfort when we put them on for quite a long time. Suddenly you will start feeling the pain, and your toenails will turn out to be black. And now it’s too late to return back, so the only solution is to do the stretching.

 Shoe stretchers

This traditional method can be opted for stretching your football shoes. This method is best suited for leather best football shoes but can also be used for synthetic ones. But in that case, you will have to repeat the process. If you want extra length or width or both, then go for two-way stretchers. 

  • Spray the shoe stretch spray at the areas that are pinching the most.
  • While placing a shoe stretcher, make sure that the toe block always touches the end of the toe and that the heel is secured inside.
  • Continue rotating the shoe stretcher until it is taut both lengthwise and widthwise.
  • After 6 – 8 hours, do the trial, and if it is still tight, repeat the process.
  • Even though this process requires some patience for at least three days, this is the best process. 

Use the water and freeze method.

  • Completely fill a tight bag with water.
  • And place it within the football shoes.
  • Place the football shoes inside the freezer for about 8 hours.
  • Do the trial and repeat the process until you get the desired result, and be careful to avoid too much freezing as it can damage the football shoes. 

Dampen and play with them

  • Put on the football shoes and tie up the laces
  • Wet the exterior entirely with a warm and damp cloth.
  • Wear them for your training session, as the movement will help the damp football shoes to ease the pinch.
  • Continue the process until you get the desired result.

Steam them

Steaming can be done either through a steam cleaner or iron steamer or by keeping the football shoes above the boiling water.

  • Steam up the football shoes for about thirty minutes and make sure that they are steamed up both inside and out.
  • And wear them as soon as possible to allow them to cool for another 15 minutes to get in the shape of your feet.

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