How to Check The Authenticity of Perfumes?



Perfumers work a lot in creating different notes and smells for the perfume. The mixture of these fragrances is obtained using distinctive natural, and synthetic products. Those products are taken into consideration for defining the quality of the perfume/scent and for pricing purposes. Different ingredients, when mixed in a certain proportion, create a fragrance. Even a small change in proportion or just one ingredient can altogether create a different scent. Thus, we have an uncountable number of perfumes/scents available in the scent industry.

Different people have different reasons for wearing perfume. For some, it is one way to lift their mood or impress someone and for others it is to look and feel fresh.  Something which is not common among so many perfumes is their quality and authenticity. A perfume is authentic only if the quality of ingredients used in the making is pure. However, nowadays, it has become easy to fool customers through cloned or fake products. Be it cosmetics or perfumes, one can easily get confused or fooled by those fake products.

You must be wondering what cloned perfume is. Well, cloned perfumes are the copy of designer perfumes made for the people who love to buy high-end designer fragrances, but due to the higher price range, they could not afford them. The perfumes are made with the same smell but with ingredients of a lower price range, or sometimes they remove the base note too and these are cloned perfumes. Though it is good for those who want to buy designer fragrances of such types. Those looking for authentic ones have to be very careful and aware of such fake perfumes.

To be aware of such scams, you should know how to examine or differentiate between fake and authentic perfume.

Let us understand the steps to examine the authenticity of a perfume.

Designer Perfumes

While purchasing the perfume, you should know whether the product you are buying is real or not. Imitation perfumes might smell the same but do not have quality as the authentic ones.  Hence, it is essential to make an informed decision.

  1. Know the seller:

When you visit the store, you should check whether the store is authorized and provide authentic products. When it comes to buying cosmetics and perfume, always prefer a reputed seller among different outlets.

  1. Research about the perfume beforehand:

While buying a particular brand of perfume or a designer/niche perfume, research about that particular perfume and the ingredients used in the making. This will help you understand whether you are buying authentic perfume or not.

  1. Check the wrapping:

Legitimate perfume brands typically use cellophane to tightly wrap the box of the perfume. Improper wrapping of the box is an indication of the product being fake.

Buy Designer Fragrances

  1. Inspect the details written on the packaging:

Before buying or opening the perfume box, carefully examine the box and the text written. It should be free of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or poorly laid out information.  Also, check the control number, batch and serial numbers of the products carefully. It will help you verify the authenticity of the product.

  1. Smell and pay attention to the complexities of the perfume:

Authentic perfumes have an intricate and complex structure, and they can be felt just by smelling the scent. Authentic perfume typically consists of three layers- top, middle and base, making it multidimensional. However, fake perfumes, on the other hand, are generally one-dimensional and contain only one or two layers of notes.

  1. Pay attention to how long it lasts:

An authentic perfume with good quality ingredients lasts long.  Whereas, fake perfumes do not have that kind of longevity.

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