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If you’re looking for new TV shows to watch in your spare time, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for Romanian series, you’ll find several excellent examples below. These series include: Umbre, Robotzi, Comrade Detective, Intregalde, and more! Here are some tips to help you find Seriale Romanesti. These series will keep you entertained throughout the day. Listed below are just a few of the best.


The Umbre series in Romanian is a crime drama that focuses on organized crime. You’ll find that it will appeal to fans of Italian crime television shows or Sky Atlantic (Ita) television shows. The first episode features a character who tries to bribe Relu for a taxi. As the series progresses, we learn that Relu is actually a thief.

Season 3 deals with the rise and fall of Relu’s dominion. While the first two seasons are centered on Relu’s petty thefts, season three focuses on Relu’s rise to power. After this season, Capitan’s dominion begins to crumble. During the third season, Emilian’s violent inspector turns his attention to Relu.


The animated web series RObotzi first premiered on January 20, 2011. The series follows the lives of two robotic beings, MO and FOCA. Both are tiny robots and guard the warehouse of the National Robotics Institute. When MO is kidnapped by a group of tiny robotic aliens, they attempt to suck their intelligence. In addition to being self-centered, both robots have a love of alcohol. In addition to this, they are also best friends with a Grim reaper.

Despite being produced in Romania, this show is not available in the U.S. Netflix is available in the country, but they do not have Romanian television shows yet. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options to watch Romanian television online. DailyMotion and serialelatimp have zillions of episodes of Romanian cartoons. This is an excellent way to get started learning the Romanian language. However, before you can start watching the Romanian series, you should learn a little bit about it.

Comrade Detective

“Comrade Detective” is a Romanian animated television series with characters that are both chess players and fans of American football. They are also interested in the way Monopoly works, since the game is designed to make everyone in the city rich and starve their neighbors. The series’ prologue presents the show as a show set in the 1980s, but it makes us question whether it is truly satirical or just a piece of propaganda.

While many viewers may be skeptical of the show, it’s actually a fascinating look at Communist politics. A few episodes have even been dubbed by American actors to make the show seem authentic. Comrade Detective’s actors don’t want the audience to realize that they’re acting. The series also has plenty of spoofy moments involving the Police Squad. Ultimately, the show is an excellent example of a Romanian series that is well worth watching.


“Intregalde” is the first in a new Romanian series directed by Radu Muntean. Set in a Transylvanian town, it begins in a warehouse full of volunteers, preparing to distribute aid goods. Despite the chaos, the story reveals a deeper sense of humanity itself. The series’ plot is built around a discussion between the group on the ethics of distributing aid to a village girl, and the importance of loving one’s own virtuousness.

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The setting is stunningly beautiful in the eerie landscape of Intregalde, and the film’s increasingly claustrophobic style makes for a chilling experience. The characters are trapped in a car that feels like a cave at times, and they wander the forest in the middle of the night. While Muntean’s style evokes the urgency of their plight, the dramatic peril is not the series’ true theme.


If you’re looking to learn the Romanian language, there are many good shows available on serialelatimp. These Romanian series often feature celebrities or popular Romanians. You can watch these series in their original language, or in English. There are also some Romanian reality shows you can try out. For instance, there’s the game show Celebrity Games, which features two teams of three contestants, one Romanian and two celebrities. They compete for a prize of 10,000 lei, which is the equivalent of 2,300 USD. It also has solid ratings and a decent following.

If you love slapstick comedy, you can also watch the eight-part series Shadows. The series stars an underwear-clad cab driver named Relu, who accidentally kills his debt collector. The goofy characters in these series give you extra reasons to watch the series, and the local production company involved is also getting exposure. The series is made entirely in Romania and features local actors. This is a great opportunity for local production companies.


There are eight episodes in the ‘Shadows’ eight-part black comedy series. The plot revolves around a taxi driver who doubles up as a debt collector and accidentally kills a man. After the murder, the taxi driver tries to get out of debt collection. Filmed in Romania, this series showcases local actors and production companies. The series is available in English. Here are some of the episodes in the ‘Shadows’ Romanian series.

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