How to Find Work as an Audiobook Narrator



It’s time to start searching for employment as an audiobook narrator. Where should you start? There’s numerous routes to join in the realm of narration.

Volunteering to Read

One of the most simple and most likely rewarding ways to start a career in narration is to volunteer to read for blind people. Although this option might not be lucrative but it’s an effective opportunity to gain entry into the door and provide something for someone else-a winning opportunity. “Volunteering reading is an excellent opportunity to practice the skills you’ve been working on. It’s also a fantastic way to get to know people from the same field,” says Lambrix.” Many famous narrators volunteer in public service, which is great.”

Networking In-Person and Virtually

Whatever your professional path networking events are the best way to network with people in your field, and even discover your next career. This is especially true for narration professionals. You’ll get to interact with other hopeful narrators, get techniques and tips from experts, and present yourself to potential employers. “Networking is vital. Consider becoming a member of the Audio Publishers Association. Prior to COVID they hosted mixers and even events. However, now they’re actually doing producer speed dating virtually, which is awesome,” says Lambrix.

Create a Standout Website to Showcase Your Work

Particularly in the present having the ability to market your business online is crucial to getting noticed in the world of narration. Having the right website is vital. You must have a great assortment of sample websites that demonstrate your skills and talents. To stand out , even more, you should showcase some of the qualities that could make you stand out for example, fluency in another language or a specific area which you’re an expert at. “When I’m in search of someone to narrate, or when I’m doing research on someone I’ll listen to their audio samples. It’s best when they’re easily accessible through your website,” says Lambrix. In essence the more you show off, the better you’ll be.

Be Kind

While it may appear unrelated however, it is a direct reference to the old adage “treat people how you want to be treated.” The world of narration is extremely tight-knit and if you can give excellent first impressions it will be beneficial to you in the short and long-term. However If you’re rude dismissive, rude, or inconsiderate and unprofessional, you’ll be difficult to get a job. “People who work in the business are very friendly and are willing to share their expertise. If you’re putting your best effort in the air, then it’s likely return to you. Because, people aren’t unwilling to recommend the actors they admire,” says Lambrix.

Resources to Find Work

You may want to get some experience prior to auditioning for the major audiobook publishing companies, so you should look for jobs on Guru or Freelancer, Fiver or even Upwork. It is possible that you will not be able to be able to find jobs in narration for audiobooks in the first place however, you can start building your resume. Some of the more specific venues for jobs in audiobooks comprise,, and although some of these sites require narration professionals with previous experience.

What to Expect on Your First Day in the (Home) Studio

So you landed your first narrating gig–congrats! What does an average day look like? After you’ve gotten yourself in the studio, your day is pretty easy. It’s typical to record for around six hours, with short breaks during the course of your recording. Take the breaks for eating, stretching and do whatever else you’re required to do to stay relaxed and focused. “I’ll stroll through the studio and observe people doing pushups, jumping in jacks, or yoga. So do whatever you do. You’re trying to sound as good when you’re done with the work the way you do at the start of the day.” Lambrix says. Lambrix. “Because anyone who’s listening isn’t likely to begin or end the day listening to you. They’ll be listening throughout the day.”

In the course of the day, make certain to make use of the opportunity and meet people around you even if you’re in the studio. Did you remember the advice above about networking? Here’s your chance to get it done even if you’re more cautious in your strategy. “Get to know everyone at the studio. Meet with your engineer, your producer. Find out what they enjoy working. Inform them about what you enjoy doing. Also, make sure your style and fashions be in sync,” says Lambrix.

When you’re done with the day, whether recording on location and at home. You’ll probably end up with something referred to as “pickups,” which are basically a way to rectify any audio errors. Maybe you had background noise or the producer would like you to return and repeat a sentence. This is the right moment to make it. However, just that you have pickups does not necessarily mean that you’re not doing your job well. “Everybody has pickups, even Richard Armitage. It’s not an issue,” Lambrix assures.

Rising Through the Ranks as a Narrator

For many audiobook narrators who are aspiring It’s not enough to just work on one book. You’ll need to be working on several! How do you make the transition from getting your first narrating job to the 20th?

Find Your Unique Voice

While you might be competent as a narrator generally however, those who are the best audiobook narrators have identified a specific area that they concentrate on. Take the award-winning narration of Ray Porter as an example. While Porter is an excellent voice actor in his own right, he especially excels in thrillers and science fiction audiobooks. This is why his voice is used as the primary narrator for a variety of high-profile sci-fi and thriller titles during the course of the year. “Figure out the place where your voice will fit. If you’ve got a wonderful voice for sci-fi. You should really get involved in sci-fi. Create strong relationships with authors producers, publishers, and publishers in the genre, and then get into it,” says Lambrix.

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