How to Sell Fish to Sell on eBay



You may be wondering how to sell fish on eBay. There are several ways to do so. Local fish clubs, Facebook groups, and online auctions are all possible venues. However, it is important to know that these methods do not come with the same level of protection and regulation as eBay. These methods include using Aquabid, posting your fish on Facebook groups, and organising your own local auctions. Here’s a look at some of the most effective ones.


If you’re looking for a freshwater fish to sell on eBay, Aquabid may be the place for you. Taking accurate pictures of your fish for internet sales is difficult, and you should always consider the fact that a fish might not look exactly like its picture. Checking your action status daily is also recommended to avoid losing a potential customer. Getting a Paypal account should be carefully done, as errors on the application process could cause confusion later on. However, Aquabid offers extensive background information from past customers so that you can make informed purchases.

Local fish clubs

There are many ways to promote your new local fish club. Online social media and local fish clubs often have big auctions 2-4 times per year. The main advantage of these forums is that you can interact with other like-minded hobbyists, and you may even meet new people! However, you should be wary of posting your listings on the web or in forums unless you’re a member of the club yourself.

Facebook groups

You’re probably thinking, “how do I sell my fish on eBay?” The good news is that Facebook groups exist to make this task easier. Facebook groups are extremely useful and can be found in every town across the United States. However, it’s important to note that there are some risks involved. As with any group, you’ll have to post regularly to stay in front of other members. Facebook groups are massive and hundreds of thousands of people are already part of them. If you’re a newcomer to Facebook marketing, it’s advisable to follow some best practices to avoid potential pitfalls.

Online auctions

You can sell live fish on eBay, but you need to be careful. Although Ebay allows live animal sales, many animals die during transit, so be sure to follow shipping instructions carefully. You can get your money back if you are not satisfied with your purchase. It is important to note that the Royal Mail does not accept live fish, so make sure to read their policies before buying. They do not enforce them. In addition, you will need to buy at least 10 fish before you can sell them on eBay.


Are you looking for a good place to sell your live fish? If so, Ebay has a great help centre for customers, and they are able to get their money back if you make a mistake. Unfortunately, you cannot do this with Aquabid, as there are many bad sellers. And, if you can’t find any live fish on the auction site, then you won’t be able to get a full refund unless you pay for the fish using Escrow, which usually applies to more expensive items.

Unscrupulous sellers

A recent spate of coronavirus-related issues has forced eBay to address concerns about unscrupulous sellers and inflated prices. While most eBay sellers do their best to trade ethically and follow the rules, sellers who take advantage of disasters can put buyers’ pockets at risk. These problems don’t necessarily affect sellers who do everything by the book. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most common scams and the steps sellers can take to protect their customers.

At-home visits

Besides selling fish on eBay, at-home visits are also great for attracting customers. You can do this by joining dedicated Facebook groups that cater to fish lovers. Facebook groups are a great place to connect with buyers, as you can see them in action and meet their mothers, or get a feel for the way they care for their fish. Of course, you don’t have to be selling fish on eBay to engage in this activity, but you should try.

Re-bagging and re-oxygenating fish

Re-bagging and re-oxygenning your fish for eBay is an important aspect of selling live livestock. This is crucial to the safety of your fish as long as they arrive alive. Using pure oxygen in your fish bag will ensure that they don’t suffer any harm during transport and will slow down the temperature change. Moreover, it is best to avoid feeding your fish inside the bag.

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