How U.K Citizens Can Apply for China Tourist Visa?



The majority of visitors to China must get a China tourist visa or L visa for short travel. It enables them to travel freely as tourists in most of China, provided they do not qualify within the visa-free policy of China. In most cases, a tourist can typically obtain a single entry L visa with a 30-day stay. U.K nationals can obtain a 10-year China tourist visa with multiple entries. If you are travelling as part of a tour group, the group will be given a group tourist visa with the names of all participants. You must take care of visa matters on your own if you are travelling independently. Read below to know more about the tourist china visa application for U.K passport holders:

Application procedure and processing time

  • Procedure for application

Make an online appointment at the Chinese Visa Application Service Center’s (CVASC) website, and then submit your application there. Without an appointment, applications will be accepted.

  • Processing Time 

It takes four working days normally to process a visa. For instance, people who apply on Monday might pick up their visas on Thursday. Typically, it takes three working days to process an express visa. Visa applications must be submitt-ed at the CVASC counter by noon, Monday through Friday, if the express service is desir-ed.

Checklist of documents

  • The original passport must still be valid for at least six months after the application date, and it must have enough blank visa pages.
  • Once complet-ed, visa application form with a recently-taken passport photo. The application form must have all of its fields neatly filled out with accurate information. If the applicant has a Chinese name, it needs to be fill-ed in.
  • A child under the age of six who was born abroad and is of Chinese descent first applies for a Chinese visa. The child’s birth certificate must include both parent’s names and the permanent residence permit. Or certificate of the nationality of the resident country from one of the parents should be submitt-ed.
  • Those who are free from visa or permission requirements for working or living in the UK are exempt-ed.
  • Other applicants having passports other than those of the UK must present both the original and a copy of their permanent residence or work permit.
  • Those who intend to visit Tibet should get in touch with the Tourism Administration of the Tibet Autonomous Region. And present the visa notification they received from that organisation.
  • Application for a special tour to China requires the applicant to submit a visa notification from the China National Tourism Administration. Or a connected province, autonomous area, or municipality directly under the Central Government. Driving on your own, going on an excursion, horse riding, cycling, horse, or hot air balloon ride are all examples of special tours.

Tourist visas for religious workers and media personals

Applicants who work as religious workers or media professionals in the U.K when applying china visa application online, should submit a personal statement from their employer. This personal statement should contain the details of the designation of the applicant in the company. It includes their need to visit China and the nature of their operation. The statement should also give assurance that the applicant will not engage in any kind of religious activities and media-related activities during their stay in China.

China Tourist Visa Extension

If you need to stay in China after the allowed stay duration on your visa, you can apply for an extension. It can be done at the local entry and exit admission of China seven days, before your L visa expires. Your passport, along with a visa application with a recent colour photo, registration of temporary assistance, and travel itinerary, should be submitt-ed. If the application is approv-ed, you can get an extend-ed stay.

Important notes

  • The applicant should submit the additional supporting documents as soon as possible if consular officers request one.
  • Sometimes an application can be refus-ed without a detail-ed explanation. It is up to the consular officers to decide on acceptance of your process.
  • The applicant should check all the necessary information of the issued visa upon collection. If you find any problem raises the question at the same time.
  • The visa application form should be fully sign-ed and complet-ed by the applicant upon completion. Items which are not applicable should then be fill-ed with N/A.
  • The applicant is held responsible for any consequences if fail-ed to submit the application at an appropriate time. Consular officers will decide on the validity of the visa.

Bottom Line

The tourist china visa application online ukis a simple process if you have a clear understanding of the above-mentioned procedures. If you find any grievances during the process, you can contact the China embassy in the U.K.

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