Interior House Painting Schemes to make appear bigger:



Interior house painting is an art on its own that can be used to many advantages. One of them being quite a handy one, which is making smaller bedrooms and living rooms appear spacious and bigger than they actually are.

One of the very best solutions to making a small space feel bigger is to paint it entirely white from floor to ceiling! But who wants to live in a cold uninviting white cube? Certainly no one!  

Here are a few handy and helpful tips that will guide you on how to maximize your space without minimizing your style!

Choose the Right Color Palette!

One of the keys to making any space appear larger than it actually is, be it a  bedroom or a living room, would be to carefully select the color palette the room is to be painted in. It is pivotal in the magic of Interior House Painting and the secret to changing the entire perception of a small stuffy room into a spacious, beautiful haven!

Pale cool bluish colors can be used to make small spaces feel bigger as the color frequencies hit our senses slower than the red base colors! Greens, blues, pale lavender or even dove gray are actually quite wonderful colors to use for this purpose and you can even dip your paintbrush in the cooler yellows like Primrose or vanilla! Experimenting with lighter colors is definitely a less riskier choice than diving straight into deep colors which most likely will not even bring the desired effect of spaciousness.

In essence, all of these colors reflect and bounce light around making rooms feel much bigger than they really are! The law of Physics really is at play in all our fields of life and is quite important for this endeavor.

Shades Make the Perception Fade!

Another easy way that depth can be added to a room is by using more than one shade of the same color. Experimenting with lighter or darker shades across different walls, floor and ceiling could actually make quite the difference and space up your living room instantly! 

Painting recesses and alcoves to lead the eye straight into a room will make a noticeable difference. It doesn’t have to be a dramatically different shade, as subtlety is your best friend while moving forward. It is advised to stay firmly within the cool palette and use just a couple of shades. If you use too many, it will most likely feel too crowded.

Painting the walls of a narrow bedroom in a lighter shade than the end wall will open the space up and make it feel square, so it is best to steer away from darker shades when painting a narrow bedroom.

Space It Up with Furniture Too!

 It’s not just color that makes a big difference when making small spaces feel bigger. It is also the furniture!  Good, fuss free, clean lines on your furniture is a much more effective and attractive choice than a fussy complicated design!

Pale, even painted walls and furniture work very well in bedrooms.  and Moreover, plenty of white and pale accessories will further add to the feeling of space and airiness. If the furniture is in the same palette as the walls then the boundaries are blurred and the big pieces like your sofa will appear less obtrusive. So, making an intelligent choice with the color palette for both your furniture and the walls is definitely the key to making smaller spaces appear bigger.

The Bigger Role Belongs to the Floor and Ceiling!

While solid colors and plain patterns add a grace of their own, texture and pattern will always keep things interesting. Altering the perception of space means looking at everything together to make sure it’s functional and in complete harmony. If pale and lighter hues are not your thing and you decide on a darker shade for the wall, remember that the flooring and the ceiling play a big role and should be the palest part of the room. Choosing a darker shade for the ceiling or the floor could result in an opposite effect, making the room appear boxy, stuffy and smaller than it actually is.

Some Additional Tips:

When it comes to residential painting, there are many small details that could add a lot of depth to the overall feeling that is emitted through the paint. Some of them include the trick, as mentioned before, use of pale colors to give the illusion of a wider, more bigger floor. The trick here is to show as much floor as possible., the reason behind this idea is that the more the floor is shown, the more it will lead the eye into the farthest corners and make spaces feel bigger.

Another tip would be to choose seating with legs so the items underneath them will seem lighter than items with a heavy valance and the same principle applies when you’re choosing your coffee table.

To sum it up, all these tips and tricks combined will give you the airy, roomy, capricious feeling even in a narrow bedroom or living room. 

Whether your style is classic or contemporary, by following these simple guidelines, you can make the rooms in your home feel so much bigger and better!

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