How To Make Gel Candle With Amazing Look



Everyone loves the fragrance of scented candles. They are used as decoration in houses. Candles are prepared in a wide variety of styles and can be gifted to your loved ones. Gel candle is also common nowadays. Gel wax is actually a mineral oil. It is considered significant as it has the ability to reflect more light providing a fascinating view of the decorative ornaments inside the gel. People love to purchase them but a few know that it is very easy to make at home. Below are a couple of steps you need to follow to prepare a gel candle in the home.

Material Needed

  • Heating Pans
  • Glue Dots
  • Gel Wax
  • Liquid Dye
  • Scents
  • Glass jars
  • Seashells, stamens or other embellishments for decoration

Step 1: Prepare The Working Area

Collect all the materials required to make a gel candle. First of all, take the gel and put it in a heating pan and place it on the stove. Use a medium-low flame for heating. Use a thermometer to measure the temperature. Another option is to place the gel in an electric melting pot, which already has a meter to make a reading of the temperature.

Step 2: Heat The Gel Wax

Any additive is not required in preparing a gel candle. Just start heating the gel. Always take an appropriate amount of gel in the heating pan in accordance with the size of a glass jar in which gel candle is made. Warm it on a low-medium flame otherwise, it may burn. Heat up to a temperature of 250 degrees F. At this temperature, the gel starts appearing as a clear liquid.

Step 3: Select The Liquid Dye And Scents

Go for the scents which are non-polar and have 170 degrees F flash point while making your gel candles. As other fragrances can drift out of the gel, causing problems. Only liquid dyes are preferred to make gel candles as other dyes are wax-based and make the gel cloudy. Pour a little amount of dye. Add the fragrance as well. Pour them gently into the gel and stir well. Make sure that color and scent mix properly, thus avoiding the cloud or distorted appearance when they are cooled.

Step 4: Placing The Candle Wicks

Candlewick is the thing which enables your candle to glow. Choose a suitable candlewick with a proper height, it will allow your candle to burn for a longer time. Moreover, make a notice of the material from which candlewick is made. As the gel is poured into the container with a high temperature, so the candle wick should be made of the material which withstands such high temperature.

Sidewise, allow the gel to cool till it reaches 200 degrees F.

Step 5: Assemble Your Gel Candle

After placing the candle, put some of the decorative ornaments like glitter, stamens, pearls etc. to provide an alluring look to your gel candle. Pour the liquid gel in the container as it reaches the temperature in between 170-200 degrees F. Do not worry if some of the leftover liquid is left in the pan, let it solidify, it will be used next time.

If you want to add inserts to your candle, you have an option of paraffin wax and fruit wax. Just be concerned about the temperature in which you add the products. Allow the candle gel to cool. Your gel candle is ready, watch them burning and enjoy the fragrance.

After assembling your gel candle, let it cool for some time. Once it has been cooled, it is ready to use. Such decorative candles can also be presented as a gift to your friends. The only thing you need is an attractive candle box to provide an alluring look to your candle.

Such candle display boxes protect your gel wax from getting spoiled. Even if you are displaying candles on a shelf of a retail store, a well-designed candle box provides an enticing view to the candles. Thus, motivating many customers to buy your product at first glance.

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