Pipedrive vs monday.com (2022 Comparison)



When analyzing the CRM features of monday.com and Pipedrive, it is clear that, in general, the feature offerings of Pipedrive are suited better for midsized businesses while the feature offerings of monday.com are best for freelancers and startups. This analysis is based on both the robustness of the features offered and each CRMs plan’s pricing.

Website Forms

monday.com offers customizable web forms that are shareable as links. Its marketing automation features allow you to offer form landing pages with dynamic content that targets visitors based on their search terms. So, if someone comes to your site and searches for “social media marketing services,” for example, your form’s landing page content and form will offer personalized content tailored to that lead’s interests automatically.

In contrast, Pipedrive does not use dynamic targeting. However, its forms still stand out as being shareable not just on your website and in link form but across your social media channels. However, Pipedrive users must buy an add-on called the LeadBooster add-on at $32.50 per month to use this feature with their CRMs. This add-on not only offers forms for various channels but other communication tools for different digital channels like chatbots.

Given these differences, monday.com’s website forms are best for businesses with a portfolio of products and the need to nurture leads interested in each of them. Auto dealerships with various product lines, for example, could use monday.com to drive sales. Pipedrive would be best for companies with healthy social media presences that wish to nurture leads across those channels. This would include influencers, politicians and real estate agents.

Pipeline Management

Pipedrive offers a visual interface that allows you to intuitively create and manage unlimited pipelines. Using Pipedrive’s CRM tools, you can attract leads via form, chat or live chat. Pipeline’s Smart Contact Data then also collects leads’ data from across the web. This added context allows sales reps to craft uniquely targeted conversations.

From there, Pipeline’s tools—including its chatbot— qualify leads automatically, then funnels them to the appropriate sales reps to close the sale. You can even assign leads to sales reps and track them via Facebook conversations. Further, its Contact Timeline offers a visual representation of all activities with leads as they progress through the sales funnel. Pipedrive’s sales assistant gives sales reps pointers and reminders to keep them on track.

monday.com offers the ability to attract leads through email and website forms, then assign qualified leads to reps automatically as appropriate. Once assigned, sales reps get an instant overview of leads, including where deals are in the sales funnel, contact details and what tasks should come next. monday.com’s dashboards give insights into not only where deals stand now but the expected review and the team’s sales performance.

Overall, Pipedrive’s pipeline management features are just a bit more robust than monday.com’s, allowing you to attract and track leads, then close cross-channel sales. It best fits midsized businesses with digital audiences present across channels. However, monday.com is more affordable than Pipedrive, making it better for startups or freelancers that don’t need a ton of advanced features to add to the learning curve.

Email Marketing

Pipedrive offers key email marketing features at an extra cost of $13 per month via its Campaigns add-on, like customizable templates, a drag-and-drop builder, real-time reporting, and the ability to send email marketing campaigns from Pipedrive. Its segmentation features allow you to send personalized emails at scale. Then, from the dashboard, you can view in-depth performance reporting like bounce, unsubscribe and subscribe rates.

Email marketing features within Pipedrive’s regular plans include automation rules for tracking email performance closely by getting a notification when leads receive, open or reply to emails. In addition, you can forward emails from your inbox to Pipedrive and the platform will automatically connect the email to the corresponding deal and contact. Finally, group emails, email syncing, email templates, and email scheduling are all included.

Further, you can create efficiency via fully automated personalized email sequences. Email templates auto-fill with data on each contact stored in your monday.com CRM.


While both platforms offer a foundational set of email marketing features, Pipedrive’s feature set is more robust. Still, it is more expensive.

Task Automations

Both Pipedrive and monday.com offer the ability to create custom automation via recipe-based builders. Using monday.com, simply select a trigger, condition, and one or more actions from an already available list within the CRM. Similarly, choose a trigger and action using Pipedrive’s CRM.

monday.com stands out by offering more automation in its plans as well as cross-board automation. Cross-board automation allow internal teams to work across business functions to trigger follow-up activities. For example, This feature makes team collaboration seamless.

When it comes to automation, monday.com offers more value per dollar spent. For its first-tier $14 per seat, per month plan, you can employ 250 automated actions per month. However, for Pipedrive’s similarly priced plan, you can only employ 30 automation. For this reason, for the purpose of task automation. monday.com offers a better deal for businesses of all sizes.


In terms of integrations, Pipedrive wins the day with more than 300 integrations compared to monday.com’s 50. Pipedrive is best suited for companies with multiple teams holding diverse needs. Its integrations portfolio offers companies a means to customize the platform to meet a wider array of internal needs.

Customer Support

While both Monday.com and Pipedrive offer 24/7 customer support, monday.com stands out by offering such services over the phone. For this reason, it is best for companies that need more hand-holding when it comes to implementing CRM features. Pipedrive’s Academy makes it uniquely suited for companies needing material to train larger teams in CRM usage at scale.


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